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WTB 24v battery for Moviecam SL

dio zafi

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Yes, you'll need 24v batteries for the Moviecam SL. Anton Bauer, Hawk Woods, and BlockBattery make both on-board batteries and block batteries in 24v. Since you're in London, maybe go with Hawk Woods?

I would have them make you a custom battery plate with a 24v regulated output, the Moviecams from what I've been told don't like voltages much higher than that. There is a user replaceable fuse. And I would have them double check the pin-out of your camera with a volt meter before they make up your cable, you don't want to get that wrong. Sounds like your camera has a modified power connector, the originals were 4-pin XLR 24v (yes, non-standard).

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On 9/6/2020 at 3:00 PM, dio zafi said:

Want to buy a 24v battery for Moviecam SL?


or is there a work around?


The connection is 3 pronged xlr

Hi Dio and Satsuki, here's my solution to the 24V battery for a Moviecam [cross posting from another thread]

If you're trying to get 24V batteries for a Moviecam SL to beyond 40 FPS without breaking the bank, I can confirm this combo "Box store" works:

5 or 6.3 amp fuse

Kobalt 24V battery Holder
Seatight Inline Fuse holder

Kobalt dual 24V 4amp batteries + charger

The above totals less than $175 all in.

Wouldn't hurt to put a 24V regulator in there but I have shot 4 rolls in the last 2 weeks with no failures or voltage errors yet.





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