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  1. As the subject says, looking for a ARRI Alexa Mini or XT Plus [4:3] Let me know what you have. Thanks Todd
  2. Hi Satsuki, Thanks for sharing these! This stuff looks great, knowing what it is, especially the first few frames grab in the wilderness. Any examples of a straight on "Abrams / headlight" flare? I'm currently in PL mount land — with a Moviecam SL and Blackmagic 6K with PL mount, but the Contax primes are C/Y or EF, and I don't know if it's work the trouble to send them to a place like GL Optic for their PL conversion. I'd need to track down the Isco 36 [like this?] https://www.ebay.com/i/114436636404 and adapt / mount.. like everyone said I'm not sure it's worthwhile. I went down this worm
  3. Like the subject line says, I am crazy and want to convert my Contax Zeiss set (f2.8/25, 1.4/35, 1.4/50, 1.4/85) to anamorphic PL. How stupid or expensive (most likely, both) is this idea, and who would you recommend to do such an insane task? The FAQ mentioned many anamorphics started out as Zeiss lenses in the first place. Joe Dunton : JDC comes to mind but if you have better ideas, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!
  4. Arri FF-2 Follow Focus http://toddsines.com/sales/arri-ff-2-follow-focus/ A useful collector's item from ILM For 15mm rods, 100mm spacing Comes with 2 discs, dual hand wheels, whip, crank Paid $2,200, sell for $1,700 Bank transfer / Chase QuickPay / local cash payment preferred; Thanks Todd
  5. For sale in NYC: Zeiss T2/50mm Standard Speed MKII PL lens [super 35 / 4K] http://toddsines.com/sales/zeiss50standard/ Optically flawless lens, smooth action, wear on housing but works great. Imperial markings, Arri rear & front lens caps $4,500 Bank transfer / Chase QuickPay / local cash payment preferred; Thanks Todd
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