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How do I power a dedolight DLH4 by battery?

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There are a couple options-

It’s best to run them off high capacity Deep cycle batteries. Camping/UPS batteries work pretty well. A car battery could work at a pinch. 

There are a couple different options to do it-

Use and inverter to give you mains AC voltage, and just run the power supply as usual - this is pretty inefficient however. 

Directly power them by matching the battery voltage with your lamps (ie 12v lamps in the dedo from a 12v battery or 24v lamps via 2x12v Batteries in series). In this configuration I’ve also previously used a DC motor controller to provide dimming. 

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Matthew’s options are perfectly right. If you value a complete “out of the box” solution vs diying cables and batteries (which is not difficult btw), you can get a battery/inverter combo like this..https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1437588-REG/interfit_nom100_nomad_portable_battery_pack.html/amp

One of those nomad batteries will power a dedo for about an hour. So if longevity is needed without having to swap, a deep cycle battery(s) with a much higher w/h rating is needed.

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