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  1. Quasar sells the QBlocks for $3 each https://www.quasarscience.com/products/q-block?variant=3620365123 You can do something similar but with their blocks. Here's mine: Also have another 12 that I retrofitted a 4bank 4' kino with. (Was able to squeeze 6 in there).
  2. Not really my area of expertise. Anyone have any good resources for a very portable and compact mobile DIT station? I'm curious also if anyone has developed a a system to fit into a rolling pelican.. Of course, this mainly applies to lower budget smaller shoots. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Seems like a simple question. I want to mount some junior fixtures on top of the grid (Not suspend them). I don't see this done often. My thought goes straight to a a regular grid clamp (https://modernstudio.com/collections/best-selling-products/products/grid-clamp-with-jr-receiver) Any thoughts? I feel awkward doing this, knowing that it would be top heavy (Instead of bottom heavy straight suspending) and could potentially be clamped at a slightly off angle than 90degrees. Thoughts?
  4. It's hard to give feedback without seeing a live prototype in action, or without me asking more questions. You offer a solution, but tell me the problem it is solving. Where do I attach the light? Is the large hooky thing used to tighten the clamp? As Chris said, needs a stud to attach things to. I wonder if the clamping surfaces are too small. What would be its advantage over a cartellini? Cartellini provides more surface area for secure grip. Joe
  5. I'm not hanging the angle. That would be extremely silly. Don't worry, the angles are welded into the other i-beams/building trusses, in addition to resting on the lips of the ibeams. C-Clamp will work. I also had the thought of using a purlin clamp, and then attaching a junior receiver to it. The only problem is, the only junior receiver with threaded rod attachments I could find is this Matthews https://products.msegrip.com/products/junior-receiver-adapter I think it's overpriced for what it is. It'd be nice to obtain blank junior receivers at a decent price.. Or really a junior rec. bale block. Joe
  6. Hello, Here's some angle steel I would like to hang some fixtures to. If it was a lightweigh baby, cartellinis no problem. But I need a clamp with a junior receiver, and I want it to be as safe as possible. A junior pipe clamp is not secure on this size angle. Suggestions? The pic shows both sides of the angle.
  7. Sorry to dig up an old thread. My initial thoughts would be to rig the pipe for a Dana close to the ceiling. Maybe wall spreaders could would be enough to hold the weight. You can cross the wall spreader pipe with the ends of the dolly pipe. Do a double/reverse Dana dolly, like this A lambda head would require operation, but maybe there's a way to attach the gimbal to the bottom. At that point, you'd still need a pulley or some way to operate the slider. I just re-read your post.. You don't need a slide. So that simplifies it, but maybe the above is worth pondering for someone else. +1 on just attaching the remote gimbal to the top.
  8. Approximately how big of an area are we talking? If RGB LED lights are preferred, you can add in a Skypanel 360 rental if it allows.. As it should provide enough light. You'd just need a crank stand as it is heavy..
  9. Hello, I am curious - Has anyone attempted to project Green onto a white surface, for the purpose of keying? My default reaction is that it would not provide enough saturation, and it just feels wrong.. But I keep thinking about it, and am leading towards requesting a demo of a couple units to test an area of our cyc. Thoughts? Experiences? Joe
  10. Thanks, Ed. 90% of the time I'd just use a lunchbox, so two duplexes next to each other making it convenient. This accessibility is what sparked my question, originally. Thanks for the help- Joe
  11. Hi Ed, Thanks for the reply. Aligning with what your saying, and understanding phase angles a bit better, I understand why pulling from the same phase puts too much through the neutral. My head's having a hard time understanding why it's single phase split in half. Will keep thinking. Couldn't I rewire the dimmer pack so two seperate edison stingers come out the back? If this was the case, each side would have its own neutral, hot and ground. To your point though, I am compensating having a master breakered switch across the board. Joe
  12. Hello! Working with a low-powered dimmer pack - Basically Edison distribution that allows dimmer functionality. It provides 6 Duplexes Out. Half of it is powered by a 20AMP source, and another 20AMP for the other. It's powered by an L14-20 Plug. Device spec: 2 Phase 120VC 50/60Hz Max Input Current: 2x20A Max Wattage: 4.8kW Max Load Per Channel 1.2KW Often times, because an L14-20 is not accessible, I use a reverse Y-Splitter (x2 Male Edisons, combined into one female L14-20 Connector). I plug the x2 male edisons into two different receptacles (different breakers and different phases as well.) My question: Is there any disadvantage to plugging the two Edisons from Y-Splitter onto different receptacles with different breakers, but the same phase? The advantage in this scenario would be accessibility, and the ability to plug this into a single lunchbox (to give one example). Perhaps, having the same phase angle put too much stress on the copper (overheat?) Joe
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