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  1. Grip helper? https://products.msegrip.com/products/grip-helper I think there’s baby ones, too.
  2. Because of the limited res. on the previous post. Here's a closeup of the back at this point.
  3. Thought I'd update in case anyone was interested in a more detailed drawing of the planned layout. Wouldn't mind if anyone chimed in with feedback or suggestions. See attached .png
  4. Do you have a height limitation? What's your ceiling look like? If you're limited on height like we are, we found that a ladder light system is incredibly useful, and also incredibly soft due to its large source. See pic: Please ignore the temporary rigging and droop effect. This was taken mid set up and unfortunately don't have a pic of it final. This works for a very high key look, with other fixtures on the ground to help shape the talent. This also has helped eliminate the annoying shadows on the ground if doing anything full body. It would also require either cyc lights or something like 4 bank kinos/leds to bring the wall up, and just play with the ratios. Again, if you're limited on height, then the cyc lights have to be placed further back to reduce fall-off.
  5. I bought a pelican rifle case for ours. Obviously not a soft case, but works. How many are you wanting to store? I'm assuming it's the t12 size. On the same vain, here's a soft rifle case that comes in 51" lengths. Don't know if the shoulder straps would become a nuisance. Maybe the extra compartments would be handy for accessories, if applicable. https://www.amazon.com/Savior-Equipment-Warfare-Tactical-Backpack/dp/B07QLBPZ1L/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=long%2Bsoft%2Brifle%2Bcase&qid=1566224290&s=gateway&sr=8-11&th=1&psc=1 Ahh.. Realized you said "tube". I would second Stuart, but also assuming you have a 4' tube? So maybe a longer version like this: https://www.amazon.com/Adir-641-Telescoping-Document-Resistant/dp/B00AFXINTM/ref=sr_1_24?keywords=long+tube+case&qid=1566224575&s=gateway&sr=8-24 I would get OCD about it banging around in there. If you can access both ends, which it seems like you can, Maybe cut out a circular piece of foam and epoxy it to the inside for the entrance and end?
  6. I'm curious why no one mentioned the Litepanels Gemini? Too pricey? I'd say it's way more manageable than the S60.. I'm also surprised to see its current retail price. I feel like it was available for high 3s, low 4s USD at one point.
  7. We might get a Joker 800 soon (Took long enough!) Been digging the look of a parabolic, and would like to have that option with the J800. What has been your success with the Joker 800/ Parabolic combo? Are the k5600 Kurves my only option? Any other reflector recommendations? Would like to know what other continuous light sources are commonly put into parabolics as well.
  8. Compared to your original alternative, and as already mentioned, the Modern slider (010-2050) is very short and probably meant for a single piece to go through it, not two pieces. Wouldn't feel good about that at all. Even though the longer Modern (010-2029) has more set screws, the length is what's going to make it a safer and more stable option.
  9. Definitely going with Palfinger ILM, 2500, single piece (not split) gate. Would be nice to have a cantilever style but, you know, money. Did a lot of research with comparable models between the "three" leading brands, if anyone needs to know. Pretty sure our payload would be appropriate for Class 4.
  10. Ed, A mostly aluminum gate build should live between 700-1000lbs. Once I confirm model, I'll keep that in mind. Called Morgan, and said that a 16' box can be between 3,500-4,000 lbs. Of course a little less for 14'. Figure 5,000 LBS for the Box & Gate to be on the safe side.. My guess at calculating the actual load would be dodgy at best...Maybe 4,500lbs?
  11. I'm all for making stuff, and make attempts myself when I can. Would absolutely love to see what you have, especially if it makes it easier for a local source to replicate..
  12. Can you guys also speak to truck class ratings for this set-up and weight? Class 4 NPR's are the most common in this size. (14-16ft) But can a Class 3 Box do it as well? Any recommendations on the box layout / installs (Such as caibnetry, etc)?
  13. I wish I could find used carts on CL where I live..
  14. Looking at the ILM 72" depth. The ILK seems like it would have larger install costs, but will look into those as well. We will see how the quotes stack up. Spoke to rep, the ILK requires a higher bed height (ground clearence from ground to bed floor). Also the ILK might blow the budget. We're also switching to a cuter, 14' box, probably 94". The rep says an ILM Railgate Style will accommodate the whole width. He says the terminology on the website (Looks like it's all 88" for ILM models) is not accurate? Don't know what the deal is there, but will find out. With these factors, I feel like the ILM will probably be the cost effective option for our size box and application. Here's a rough outline of carts. 92" worst case scenario. Ed, do you have an opinion on Backstage vs Studiocarts?
  15. Howdy! Looking at a 16' Box on Isuzu NPR. Considering installing a new liftgate (Railgate Style). 64"? Does anyone have any recommendations for lift-gate brand, length, and style - and any other specifics I'm not thinking about when installing? I see a lot of TommyGates for G&E trucks for some reason, but don't know if they are the most durable.
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