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  1. Like 10 of them to meet the voltage? 😂
  2. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/554344-REG/Manfrotto_120_120_Converter_Plate_for.html/specs It looks like this is essentially the reverse of the Acratech one. I believe it has the 3/8" female instead of the male, so you can use a reducer on that side and have 1/4" on both ends. Not sure about the height though
  3. Hello, Usually I'm operating lights only with AC. But want to be prepared for mobile applications requiring more DC power The lights I often come across have DC ranges from 14.4v, 26v, 48v (I think the skypanels are the only ones that use 48?, but usually powered by 26v bricks and the plate has a transformer?? If that's the case that's interesting because I didn't know a transformer could double the voltage like that) Basically, what's the most common DC solutions available? AB has a larger brick solution, the Cine VCLX to switch voltage. I like solutions like this because it means it will be more universal and more WH. Block battery seems to market similar solutions but heavier and larger WH. https://blockbattery.com/block-batteries/ So far I'm liking the block batteries, but wanted to hear any other user's thoughts. Additionally, it'd be really cool to get a super high WH solution with an inverter, to power larger wattage 120v AC only lights...like a j800. Any precautions there? I would also like to see if anyone DIY'd a bunch of deep cell batteries and inverter to a dolly and would like to see their build!
  4. I actually picked up a couple from batteries and bulbs in the us, the guy was surprised it was still around. You could tell it was older packaging. They’re on amazon, too! (E26 to e39) https://www.amazon.com/DiCUNO-Adapter-Converter-Maximum-Resistant/dp/B07GZD3N4R You never really know the color quality without testing , I doubt the corn bulb you listed is manufactured to account for the values that matter to us, too (like r9, etc).
  5. I have an older 5 Socket screw-in Edison fixture that I'm thinking about putting LEDs in. I was surprised to find my options limited for bright LED bulbs that have passable color quality. It'd be cool to get high-quality LEDs in cornbulb style lights that draw around 100 Watts. - I feel like the technology is here, but there's probably not enough incentive to manufacture a consumer style socket past using it for practicals (which don't need to be that bright) These are the brightest I can find. Anyone have any other thoughts? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1480946-REG/raya_e26_led_45_45_watt_led_bulb.html/overview
  6. If you really wanted to try a diy solution, Maybe a furni-burrito or two with a belt or some sort of strap.. But I would suspect some level of frustration to happen and it coming apart. So, probably worth the investment in one of the solutions AJ pointed out.
  7. Screws can work, but i believe the blocks were designed for bolts and of using thin wood the bolts will be more secure. The bolts go in through the front, then you use a washer and nut on the back. The hex opening in the front prevents it from turning, just use the right size bolt.
  8. What are you rigging to? Are you int or ext? I did something kind of similar very recently. I discussed it in this thread We used 6 chain hoists to lift the box and attach to the roof truss.
  9. hmm.. Because efficiency/speed is your goal and you have one lift, my impression is that you will have to rely more on natural light through the windows? If you're okay with that look, and focusing more on shaping the light inside.
  10. It somewhat depends on what you want to achieve.. What kind of mood are you going for? Is the sun going to blast through the window anyway when you shoot? Do you want to achieve flat sitcom style lighting? Is the ceiling white to throw the M18 into? How big is the room? Depending on how much talent and talent movement you might be able to shape things the way you want to with that package..But more context might be helpful.
  11. Out of your list I would get the 300d hands down for output and versatility with all the modifiers and attachments.
  12. Was the initial re-strike a hot restrike? I'm also assuming you're not pulling on a long run to experience voltage drop? EDIT: I just re-read that you put in "a bulb that already looked used".. For the sake of the shoot, if all other components are in order, I would make sure that the bulb you're replacing the first with has been tested and verified to be in working order. Also, not to state the obvious, but you're not overloading the breaker within the house, right?
  13. You could purchase an existing adapter and then tie in your own connectors, like 60amp bates, or whatever else you need for your distro stuff.. Or, just pay someone locally who knows what they're doing to create this for you. The other option, is to invest in step-down transformers, which has more advantages. http://www.screenlightandgrip.com/html/emailnewsletter_generators.html#anchorTransformer/Distros on Wall Outlets
  14. Here's one that will split the phases of a dryer plug. The wire gauge is only rated for 30AMPS. Although it provides (2) 20 Amp outlets on each side, you can only pull 30 amps collectively from each side. https://www.homedepot.com/p/AC-WORKS-1-5-ft-Adapter-NEMA-14-30P-4-Prong-Dryer-Plug-to-4-Household-Outlets-with-20-Amp-Breaker-S1430CBF520/311382953?mtc=Shopping-VF-F_D27E-G-D27E-27_3_EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-Generic-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE&cm_mmc=Shopping-VF-F_D27E-G-D27E-27_3_EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-Generic-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-71700000033101998-58700003865786276-92700048704092069&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7OnxBRCNARIsAIW53B8WfBZIaeOVLjETsOrAe3VVZLBOPVM15VnasaZUYwueDKggJSHkHy8aAlxIEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  15. Are you wanting to power 240v lights? Or, do you want to split the phases so you have two lines at 120v? Either is possible. If your dryer plug was only three prong, and had no neutral, then it is unsafe to split the phases because your load will probably not be perfectly balanced.
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