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Anyone have a Cinema Products GSMO?

Soren James

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Looking for more info on this thing. To my eye it looks like their version of the NPR or the Eclair ACL II. Looking for a 16mm camera friendly enough for a one man band (friendly enough meaning not going to actively kick my ass every single second like a Mitchell or whatever.) Have my eyes on some CP-16 packages too, but it seems like this is the better camera, more appropriate for my needs than lugging around something bulky. The Arri BL 16 also works but of course, is awkward to hold. I don't mind some heft or some struggles. Mainly just wanna shoot some sync sound without killing myself. I like shooting on Bolex's and Beaulieus. I'm also good enough at editing and recording audio to have considered owning an MOS camera or two and trying to dampen it - but still, not ideal. 

If money were nothing and I could find an old Aaton for 2 grand ish that would be perfect. But alas, COVID-19. My needs are basically that of grab and go. Magazine, viewfinder, battery, a lens that doesn't suck ass. Anyway. Why's it so hard to find info or demos of this GSMO? Looks super cool. Only thing I can find in the way of an explanation was the wiki entry saying the original incarnations didn't have video tap, so they fell out of style. Surely someones got one now though?

Stay safe gents

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