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  1. I am submitting this for any future "Google," searchers who are having their film pile up at the take-up reel of their Beaulieu R-16s. This bedeviled me for quite a while, and a Beaulieu tech missed it (or gave it the sunshine treatment). I finally noticed that lip of the metal cap (at the arrow) had pulled up from the housing, causing drag then pile up of the film. I used epoxy to stick the lip back down. As shown in the photo the front of the lip was and is still pulled up off the housing but the back half stuck down and that eliminated the drag.
  2. Random questions: What about composition? Does the lamp in the middle of the frame dominate the actors? The pen. Does it dominate the actors (as it appears to have its own mini-spotlight devoted to it)?
  3. NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING POST IS TRIVIAL, UN-CONSTRUCTIVE AND ONLY TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO THIS WEBSITE: I have never forgotten Tyler Purcell's post several years ago severely criticizing the software and menus on Sony professional video cameras. I have never used such cameras, but his post rang so true to me because of my experiences years earlier with a Walkman AM-FM earphone device and later with a Sony radio-CD-cassette tape combo (that I still use in my kitchen, as a testament to my thrift). As I finished reading that thread years ago I have to say that some self-doubt crept into
  4. Rewinds, a splicer, and viewer like a Zeiss Moviescope or Craig viewer should do the trick.
  5. Why in the world would Kodak want to divulge any information that could possibly affect the price of silver, even if they were, as I suspect they are, so well hedged with long term fixed -price contracts and call options that the spot price of silver is immaterial to them? Why potentially stress-out suppliers lower down the chain and why potentially open themselves up to lawsuits from speculators?
  6. Hopefully Kodak is doing what I understand a consumer of silver should be doing which is either holding long options (calls) and/or having long term fixed-price contracts with silver sellers (who would in turn hold short options (puts)). However, they wouldn't be the first commodity consumer to be speculating on their commodity instead of hedging.
  7. I would be worried, I think, about some deep-pocketed disruptor deciding to "uberize," low-budget production.
  8. Short and sweet! Excellent! One reason I watched it twice was because at 0.36 it looked like the hands were ensnared in a fine mesh netting, and that idea hooked me in for a least a few more seconds until the rest of the film resumed for me. That could be a scheme worth remembering: a judiciously used very subtle, and subtilely disorienting, shot that can be "explained away," but serves to hook the viewer.
  9. Thanks you, I will be in Chicago sometime in August, and will contact you beforehand, if that's ok.
  10. Thanks, I hadn't thought of an AFI or ASC donation, but that will probably now happen when the time is right. I went to Victor-Duncan once or twice just to gawk, as a side pilgrimage on infrequent trips to Dallas. I'm attaching his obituary that I just read: DUNCAN, ASC, VICTOR Son of Clark and Margaret Duncan, born October 5, 1924, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Frisco, TX on September 18, 2007. While attending Highland Park High School in December 1941 as a junior, he joined the U.S. Navy and honorably served his country during WWII. After the war and earning hi
  11. Not a word about Arri III, just a little bit of history of the early 35mm BLs. I add that the book has virtually none of the info abut the Arri II that one finds in the camera's operator's manual.
  12. Satsuki, I double checked and you're right, they crazy raised the prices. I ordered the hardcover in August and it has almost tripled since then. If I were buying now I would probably drop them a line and see if they could do something about that increase. At any rate, it's fun to read and won't be regretted, I believe.
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