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  1. True! I do not intend to be an owner/operator to join the rental carousel, lol - I just want to own my own camera to shoot projects. It would of course be nice to get hired for having something nice, sure - but that's more secondary. Main thing is to create.
  2. Oh yeah. Amira's are all at least 25,000 dollars. You can bet I looked at that one. Even then though, Amira and Alexa look more Kodak to me out of the box, and I'm an Eterna Vivid guy. But I agree with you. To me, both are true, it's important to hold both the importance of getting something good in the box, and the importance of having a good data set for post, and balance them. Cameras are data collection devices. But some have more valuable data sets than others. For me, being a guy that's obsessed with equaling the spirit of film, even more than just the surface texture, the data set provi
  3. Thing is, no matter what camera you're using, even IMAX - whatever image you make needs to be look good on a 6 inch telephone. To me, I think that's means you need higher standards of framing composition and lighting, because whatever you do needs to translate to the simplest of viewing platforms. Furthermore, in America (unfortunately) the average movie theater has a screen that's less resolution and less color accurate than the average HDR home TV. So here at least, the average viewer is getting more of a high quality experience, literally, in their living room. Of course, we need to catch
  4. Thank you Tyler! As always, really providing clarity where it's needed. This is extremely helpful to no end, and exactly what I was looking to hear. Completely relate to, sounds like you were very much in the same place not that long ago. Could NOT relate more about the black hole of camera specs and manufacturer noise. Trying to find ways to carve my way out of that is difficult when you've only known the industry during intense periods of flux. Needless to say, it's invaluable hearing anyone who's been there before and what they have to say, but it's especially invaluable when there's an ind
  5. Ho yeah. G2's the one I have the hardest time with, and am debating the most as the 4th option. That camera was basically made to be the ultimate box ticker in every category except for basic in camera image quality - which I just don't like. There's no greens or deep reds in any of the blackmagic cameras, yet they still have that magenta cast thing. But to be fair, the G2 is the one of theirs I like the most, I've seen some really lovely footage. In general, especially after working with BRAW, I see the appeal. It's all about how you grade it, even more than other camera, BMD's are like excus
  6. Funny you say that! I've had no problems whatsoever with R3D in Premiere Pro, and my computer is buggy and terrible as hell (for a first gen trashcan mac, that is). Totally! Yeah EVA1 can be quite beautiful once you get it into the right color space. One of the things thats tough is Varicam LT always felt like the camera for me. IDK what it is about it vs the EVA1, they should be the same, but they're not. LT just has this thing thats hard to describe. Textures a good word I suppose (though totally overused) Another camera I've been seriously impressed by every single time I see it is the
  7. Very true! S'ok. Doesn't wind me up at all. :) Mainly curious for a variety of opinions, and to get outside my head. Valuable input. For the record, for me it's never about a decent image. It's only ever about a great one. Significantly beyond decent. I'm a perfectionist [shocker! lol]. Being realistic of course, not to the point of being totally unreasonable, but I'm really just looking for whats best for me specifically. Full recognition that the best for everyone is not the same; obviously, its subjective. Personally, I like grainy, aggressive stuff. Don't need tons of resolution, but;
  8. Hey all. Happy holidays and happy new year. 2020 is now hindsight (thank god). First off, I have a lot of reverence for what you guys do. Many of you on this forum I'm a huge fan of, so it's an honor even in a small way to be writing this. So thanks for listening. Overwhelmed by choice overload. I tend to be a little too good at matching pros with cons and vice versa, so this amount of indecision (and the self-awareness about the indecision) has been difficult. Hence the need to reach out. I'll cut to the chase since I don't want to waste anybody's time. I'm looking to own a camera, tha
  9. Yeah and also, I have seen the Lighthouse, and love it. Like I said. One step removed from immediately being apparent as celluloid - which the Lighthouse certainly was.
  10. Yeah, I definitely think Mank is spectacular, and think a sizable portion of this thread is kinda absurd. He's no saint and doesn't need a *** removed by admin *** or some cinephile to defend his honor, he's handled many of these criticisms far more articulately and in more detail than I can. But call it my two cents and leave it at that. I'm a celluloid freak too, and yes - its one step off from *totally* fooling me. I can tell its digital B/W being made to look like film. But come on. The staging is terrific, inspiring, and borderline intimidating. The lightings gorgeous. I bet too if his
  11. Looking for more info on this thing. To my eye it looks like their version of the NPR or the Eclair ACL II. Looking for a 16mm camera friendly enough for a one man band (friendly enough meaning not going to actively kick my ass every single second like a Mitchell or whatever.) Have my eyes on some CP-16 packages too, but it seems like this is the better camera, more appropriate for my needs than lugging around something bulky. The Arri BL 16 also works but of course, is awkward to hold. I don't mind some heft or some struggles. Mainly just wanna shoot some sync sound without killing myself. I
  12. Hey Tyler! I'm interested. Just curious to see what the DB levels are like, and how heavy / how much of a pain it is really is. I'm local, and ok for pickup. I assume you're selling it because you already have the Aaton? Also, is it like the Arri BL in how it needs a sync motor? What other would the advantages of this over that camera be? Cheers, Soren
  13. Hi Felipe! Whats the price? Soren
  14. If this is still available I'd love to know what the price is. Cheers, Soren
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