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Mitch Gross

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I do wish them all the luck in the world but a reality check is in order after not even seeing a frame after a year...


As Mike Most allures too, the Kinetta will/should start at the bottom... I hope it will work its way into doing what it does best (whatever that will be) a welcome change from new kit from the big boys that has been pushed on the market with great fan fare at a premum price, sold with glossy brochures, devilishly designed to obfuscate with barely legal representations of features and specifications.


The Jeff Kreines approach would be to leave it on a bar during NAB and see what happens....


Next round is on me:)



Mike Brennan

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> When you put 14 of them together in a RAID configuration


Well yes obviously. One hopes the MTBF will remain reasonable. I'd hate to be rebuilding a mag RAID on set.


> Add in the fact that it's recording Raw files, which are only about 3MB per frame at

> 1920x1080


What's that, Bayer data at 10 bit?



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