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Shooting my new film "End of Life"

Tyler Purcell

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Little update.

The link above of the entire short, has been updated once more. Where I'm not happy with the current color, it's getting there. We finally settled on a name; "Love, Frog". Not what I wanted, but oh well. At least it's unique! 

We didn't make into any of the festivals we entered it into due to length. Festivals already have great 12 minute submissions, they don't need a 23 minute one. Sadly the cut I submitted was 28 minutes and we've since cut it back quite a bit. The longer cuts will disappear into the sands of time. I prefer the shorter cuts myself, but I don't know how much shorter (maybe tighter, but not substantially) we can make it from here, for sure nowhere near 12 minutes. 

Like all projects, it was a learning experience for everyone and I'm sad we couldn't make it what I wanted it to be, but I guess it is what it is. We tried our best with what we had (resource wise) and we finished a short film on 35mm! Not very many people can say they've done that these days. Someday I'll make a video explaining everything that happened in greater detail, but for now I've got new projects to start and bigger fish to fry! I'll keep updating the Vimeo link as I tweak things like the sound mix and color. 

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