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2x8mm Film availability - very interesting video

Maik Lobborn

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Double 8 Manufacturing at Wittner Cinetec

In the past we did a lot of motion picture work. Meanwhile we have more and more focused on special application work. We do a vast amount of different types of perforation today - mostly for sophisticated industrial and scientific use.

But... motion picture film is where we all come from - so we are always very pleased if we can work for the motion picture segment.

While we have stopped selling specific film formats to individuals, we frequently manufacture specialty films for other vendors. The gallery gives you a glimpse into current Double 8 film manufacturing at Wittner Cinetec.

We are very keen about the quality of our work - each roll is checked individually to meet our quality standards. A short snippet is cut off after perforating was done. This is the moment when the perforator stopps, as you can see in the picture. The very last piece of film does not receive perforation. Those retainment samples go to a separate room where the QC is done (in bright light). This is where the microscope stands to very carefully check the quality of perforation.


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