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  1. https://www.wittnercinetec.com/1126 https://www.wittnercinetec.com/1127
  2. YouTube from https://www.wittnercinetec.com/double-8
  3. It was listed in wittner s webshop already. Will be interesting to learn about the price in europe... www.wittnercinetec.com/2216
  4. Wittner did offer DS8 approx. 2014-2016. It was even listed in the new webshop until recently. MOQ was 24 rolls (IIRC). Obviously sales did not even justify to keep the product listed. Today only S8 50ft, R8 25ft, 16mm 1R 100ft+400ft and sometimes 1200ft. Thats it. No DS8, no 16mm 2R, no R8 100ft+400ft any more :-(
  5. Very cool! This shop is operated by a third party. So they may need some days to adapt their selling prices. This is valid for other resellers as well. But the new prices will come – everywhere. Step by step.
  6. Kodak has announced the new Super 8 prices for 2018. The prices did increase by $4.03 to $29.99 each cart See here https://www.kodak.com/uploadedFiles/Motion/Products/Product_Information/Product_Change_Notice/Price-Change-Bulletin-Super8-eff120180101.pdf However, no Ektachrome 100D mentioned yet. According to John Schwind, who is usually very well informed, 100D is expected to cost approx. $35. See his post here (bottom of the page) http://www.filmshooting.com/scripts/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27272&sid=97553de8e271d304f66887bc27130deb
  7. A Single-8 example @100 ASA can be found here: http://www.colorreversalfilm.com
  8. Yep, currently they list Agfa Scala only http://www.wittnercinetec.com/Super8Bulkfilm Maybe they could offer Wittner Chrome 200D as well? I will ask them. Indeed shop and contact form are accessible now. Wittner seems to be back in Super8game :-)
  9. They are readily available here: http://www.wittnercinetec.com/5169
  10. Wittner has sold off many machines when they did close their Ammersbek plant in April or May. Some of them did not find a buyer and were scrapped. I visited them in March and decided to obtain a small slitter (35mm to 2 x 16mm), a R8 perforator, a 16mm perforator and a DS8/Super 8 perforator. Those machines where from their spare part stock (they called it scrap heap) - so they need to be cleaned, lubricated etc. If I find the time I will refurbish them to look beautifully like their "good" machines, which look splendid, like new. (BTW they did move all those "like new" machines to their new location in the south of Germany). The ones I did obtain are also much smaller compared to their production machines, which is a big advantage for me as I am a private person and not a company and my space is very limited. If you look at the pictures you will see that a lot of work is ahead to make them look and work like new. But the most important thing is they included excellent perforating tools so I can do good quality after the machines are up and running. I will be able to perforate Regular 8 / Double 8, DS8, Super 8, 16mm one row and double perf then. But there is a looong way to go as not only my space but also my time is very limited unfortunately. Nice project for long evenings in the winter time :)
  11. Hi, there seems to be some movement at Wittners pages to become more modern and easy to navigate. An entirely new full english webshop is available now http://www.wittnercinetec.com/epages/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2FWittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film And 160+ reduced prices :-) Well done!
  12. hi, a very good UK based source for film, processing and scanning is http://www.gaugefilm.co.uk/store/c13/Reversal_Film_Only.html
  13. hi, here you will find the genuine Beaulieu cable release options: electrical release http://www.beaulieu.de/pages/s8_azub8.php?rubr=s8_azub8#B472601 mechanical release http://www.beaulieu.de/pages/s8_azub8.php?rubr=s8_azub8#B672603
  14. Whats available can be seen here: http://www.colorreversalfilm.com/ Of course there is more grain as this is a 200 ASA stock. But I like this emulsion very much. Very nice, natural colors, nice cinematographic feel, very very tolerant concerning exposure, very good in low light and mixed light situations. And: no jitter! Runs superbely well through film cameras and projectors as is has a modern polyester base (not the old triacetate, which tends to become dry and brittle and deteriorates rather quickly if not stored under ideal climatic conditions. The archival quality of modern polyester base is second to none. This will survive you and even your kids)
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