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DIY C-mount lens hoods

Floris Vanhoof

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Can anyone suggest a type of tubes or other material to make hoods for my C-mount lenses? 

I'm thinking of black, opaque, non-reflective, flexible rubber tubing that would slide over the front of the C-mount lens.

My lenses are 3,3mm 3,4mm and 3,5mm wide.

Any help where to look and what stuff to use is welcome. 



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Using old third party slip on adapters and shades is probably your best bet. The Switar 25/1.4 takes a 33mm slip on adapter and fits series 5 filters and hoods. Sometimes these things are almost free from local brick and mortar camera shops, if you can get to one. When you get the proper fit, they work really well. Other than that, look around the house for plastic things you can use as shades: 35mm film canisters, pill bottles, etc. 

Phil Forrest

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