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connecting bolex to slide copiers

Floris Vanhoof

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I'd love to read any documentation on how to connect my Bolex EL 16mm camera to a Honeywell Repronar or Bowens Illumitran slide copy systems.

I have an animation stand, and can use other bellows etc for macro, so those parts of the Illumitran or Repronar I don't need.

The main thing is how to trigger a flash on those slide copy systems when a single frame is made on the Bolex EL.

If easier I can also use a Bolex H16 RX for this.

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I'm only familiar with the wind-up reflex Bolexes, not the EL, but isn't there an equivalent to the "Bulb" setting on a 35mm SLR: the shutter stays open as long as you hold down the shutter release, then closes again when you let go?  I can't remember off the top of my head, but you set one lever one way, then push the little shutter release knob away from you rather than pulling it toward you like normal?  (As opposed to the single-frame animation setting where it does the normal shutter spin open-closed, but waits to wind it until you release the button.)

So just like with Bulb on a still camera, you open the shutter, manually fire the flash, the let the shutter close again.  As long as your ambient illumination is far below the brightness of the flash, it never really figures into the exposure.


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