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Luigi Castellitto

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My Bolex H8 REX4, at low speeds, 12, 16, 18 fps, "slows down", but  in very short moments. Do it need a greased one? 
It started doing this after months of not using it, it didn't happen before.
I'm shooting a test film to see what comes out: if the camera slows down in short moment, I should see sections of the film faster or much brighter?  
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I update this post, because I could look spools at the open camera:
With 7.5m or 10m spools the slowdown is only visible at 24, 32, 48, 64fps, and when the spring load is running out.
With 30m spools it is visible at all fps (maybe it has to drag more stuff), but always towards the end of the spring load.
This is what I see "by eye", but I don't exluce slowdowns at other fps or winding moments.
Does the camera need lubrication?
Any advice?

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