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Iris Pull/Stop Pull examples?

Frank Poole

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I am curious what this actually looks like on film, Wondering if anyone could point to a specific moment in a film when this technique was used? I imagine this is sometimes done to compensate when panning/tilting/etc to a brighter area? 

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Most Steadicam shots where a camera goes from day exterior in full sun to interior in a big wide shot will have an iris pull, as it’s usually not possible or practical to light up a wide interior shot to the same level as the exterior.

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On 2/1/2021 at 8:59 AM, Stuart Brereton said:

Iris pulls are supposed to be invisible. Generally they’re hidden in pans or other moves for this reason.

Yes, Deakins talked about doing remote stop pulls for 1917. The focus pulling was remote as well. He would do the stop pull as he circled a subject to keep the exposure constant. 

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