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Light Meter for Arriflex SB 16mm

Iolo Edwards

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Anyone have any suggestions regarding a reasonable 2nd hand light meter to use with the Arri SB 16mm camera?

Anything I should be aware of? Not experienced with 16mm yet.

Intend to shoot a short film soon and need a decent light meter. 


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If you don't want to shell out a lot and don't mind an older form factor, the Gossen Luna Pro series are fantastic. I've been using them for still photography for about 25 years and motion picture hobby stuff for about 2 years. The Luna Pro assumes a 180 degree shutter angle, so it should work for you. They made a version that was shoe mounted for Bolex. I used to own one about 20 years ago and wasn't interested in shooting motion picture, so I gave it to a friend. Now I can't find one that isn't really pricey. I'm still very comfortable using a handheld incident/reflective so the standard Luna Pro with the cine scale works great for both still and MP.

Phil Forrest

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