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Eumig Nautica questions

Andrew Law

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I recently bought an Eumig Nautica to use on a project. The manual says the only film to be used in this camera are of ASA: 25D, 100D, 40T, or 160T. The camera is fully automatic and there is no way to set the film speed. How does the camera tell what speed film I am shooting on? I would like to shoot on Vision 3 film. Either 50D, 200T, or 250D. What would the camera read these films as? For example, would 50D be read at 25D or 100D? And so on. I am going to have the film scanned in raw and a flat profile to get the most latitude, but am curious what my best bet would be.

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Cameras can tell the speed of the film based on the size of the notch on the edge of the plastic cartridge. 

Apparently there's a way to 'hack' the cartridge to get an automatic camera to read a cartridge to the closest setting the camera can meter for.

If you can get the camera to read a 50 D as a 25D that would wok fine since that'll only over expose by 1 stop. Lots of people over expose  Negative stocks by a stop in general. 

Here's a couple of links.



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