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H16 Rex 5 sticking in run, Instantanous exposures not working.

John Crowe

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I have a H16 Rex 5, pretty great except..... The release buttons are sticking in run, if you let go of the front release the camera will come back to stop 50% of the time. If you then press the side release button in (towards the camera body) it will stop. Or, if you keep your fingers on the front and side release at the same time and very deliberately push it to stop it will stop. When it doesn't stop, you can hear a clicking sound, like the stop release is almost in place, but not quite there. The subtlest touch will then stop it.

Also the lever between I and T is very hard to move to T, unless you have a rewind key and you slowly back it up while switching between the 2, then it sort of very easily comes back to T. If you try to press it to T without feeling things out with the rewind, the side release starts to move to run.  T single exposures work,  Instantaneous exposures do not- it feels like the side release can't slide all the way forward when in I mode. I know the best thing is to send it out for repair, but I'd love to know more about what caused it, and if there is anything I can do. If any ideas I'd appreciate it.



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A sticky release is most likely just lack of lubrication. You could try a drop of oil under the front release button and work it into the shaft hole but really, it needs disassembly, cleaning and lubrication.

The stiff I-T knob/non-functioning single frame sounds like the mechanism inside may be incorrectly assembled.

My advice would be to get it serviced - there could well be more issues you haven't picked up yet, and if the release needs lubricating chances are the whole mechanism does. 

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