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Led fixtures with adjustable HSI base kelvin

Jonathan O'Neill

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Hi, do any brands of LED fixtures allow for the base kelvin in HSI mode to be adjustable? So at 0% saturated it could be 3200k and not 5600k which is all I can find currently. 

also, which brands have accurate lee gel settings? Once again with the option for that gel to be added to an adjustable base kelvin. 



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Some of them let you select HMI or tungsten as a basis for the gel simulation, at least. I'm trying to think which. I may have some stuff in storage that will do it; I could drag it out if you need to try something.

It's worth bearing in mind that the gel simulations are often a bit approximate. Many of them, for instance, will offer you Lee #181, Congo Blue, which is fundamentally unavailable from almost all LEDs because it's deeper than the blue of the base emitter. 

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