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Are there any synchronoized focus and motor controler?

janosch simon

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Hey there ? my name is Janosch Simon i still love 3D and have my 3D rig nearly running ? the lenses i chose for the start were Olympus 14-42 EZ. i use them with 2 Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras side by side. Im fazinated by the idea of zooming while filming. That would be possible with the expansion port of the BMMCC but the quality of the lens and the lens mechanics is very bad ? then i saw that DZO makes some MFT cine zooms and now im looking or searching for a synchronoized focus and motor controler. Are you guys aware of any? i used google and searched here but perhabs i didnt use the right words ?

thx and take care

Janosch Simon

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What you need is a parfocal zoom lens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parfocal_lens

Cine and video lenses are designed that way, so that they maintain focus as you zoom.

Still zoom lens are Varifocal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varifocal_lens

There are a small number of still camera varifocal lenses that are pretty close to being parfocal.



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Yeah Brian i know ? the https://www.dzofilm.com/linglung.php should work ok ? http://www.3alitytechnica.com/support/documents/PERIPHERALS/SPC7000_in-production.pdf this seems to be what im looking for but wayyyyyy over my budget. 

Afraid i need to grab my good old arduino were i made a wireless follow focus 11 years ago ? 

but still need to find a good servo motor that is not so big or are there any open source lens motors that can be controlled via arduino ?


thx janosch

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