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Canon Auto Zoom 814 Problem

Dan Hasson

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I haven't used my Canon 814 in two years and picked it up recently. When I turned it on and held down the trigger to test it (no film was in the camera), nothing happened. So I put four fresh double AA batteries in and still nothing. This never happened before and the trigger would work film in the camera or not.

The camera was perfect when I used it and has only been sitting on the shelf for the past two years. It was never dropped or even handled, apart to wipe dust off.

Here is a video to show what I mean:


However a minute after I recorded this video I tried the trigger again and it made a sound but only a frame at a time. You can hear/see what I mean in this video:


Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated. 



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The camera needs a CLA - clean, lube and adjustment.  The old lube has probably solidified and is gumming-up the works.

With that being said, I wish you luck finding someone who can repair it for less than 10 times it's worth.

You are probably better off trying to find another one in operating condition.

A last ditch effort could be to set it in the sun in a window with the lens caps on for an hour or so.  The gentle heat might loosen up the old lube and you can put new batteries in it and see if it will take-off and run at normal speed.  If you do get it running, let it run for an extended period out of the sun; give the lube a chance to re-liquify and re-distribute itself around the working parts. 

Keep the camera upright at all times; don't lay it down on it's side or the softened lube could migrate into areas you don't want it to be.  Don't point it down or back; normal, level operating position until you are sure it has cooled down to room temperature. 

Just be sure to run it no faster than 24 fps;  don't run it empty above that speed.

Good luck.


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