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Nikon-fit lenses on K3

Damian Tyler

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I have a set of Nikon-fit Samyang lenses that I was hoping to use on my K3. I've got a Nikon to M42 adaptor, and the lenses go on the K3 body fine. However, they don't focus at all. Presumably this is because the distance from the back element of the lens to the focal plane is different to that of the standard zoom. Yet I've heard of other people successfully using Nikon lenses. Do I have the wrong kind of adaptor? Or is there something else I'm missing?

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The difference of the focal flange ditsance between M42 and the Nikon mount is about 1.04mm so no adapter is going to be that thin and even if that is possible the back of the lens wouldn't fit inside the M42 aperture.

Technically it's not impossible to mount Nikon lenses on the K3, it's kind of simple actually. I removed the M42 mount of the K3, 3D printed a ring and I used a Nikon mount on top, obviously taking the right FFD into consideration, but the center of the lens, the element on the back hit the plate of the camera, so I would have to cut around that in order to fit the lens... Too much work and effort for that kind of camera, so I didn't do it, but it is perfectly possible.

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