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  1. Thanks Mark, even cheaper than I had thought. I'll be doing this myself once I've got enough film to make it cost effective.
  2. Joining this late, sorry. Regarding sound striping, Alberto Vangelisti in Italy does it. A friend of mine had some commercially-produced silent super 8 films striped a while ago. Turned out really well (and my friend also did a good job of adding the sound tracks). Price was reasonable but most cost effective if you do a fair amount at once. I think it was something like 50 euros for up to 300 metres. Producing a projectable sound super 8 film from scratch would be labour-intensive and time-consuming, but it's nice to know you still could if you wanted to.
  3. Thanks guys. If I can get hold of one of the Nizo kits that would probably work best. If not I'll try to lash up something with one of the battery boxes you suggest Mark. Might look a bit makeshift but should work OK.
  4. Hi, I could do with a bit of advice from the experienced super 8 hands. I bought a Nizo s800 a couple of weeks ago. Cosmetically it's in great condition, and all functions work properly. I've shot a cartidge of Tri X which I'm eagerly waiting to get back from processing. In the main I'm very happy with the camera, but it has a couple minor niggles, mainly down to inadequate research by myself, not problems with this specific camera. Firstly, not being able to see the image and the light meter readout in the viewfinder at the same time is a bit irritating, but I can live with it. Should have bought the 801. Secondly, I'd assumed that as Nizos have fold-back grips, and a tripod socket on the body of the camera, that I could use it on a tripod with the grip folded back. But no, of course, this disconnects the batteries. Apparently only the Professional will run like this. I understand that back in the day you could get a power pack, and I'm assuming that with this connected to the camera it would run with the body screwed to a tripod (?). I've not seen one of these for sale though, or at least not on its own, just with camera packages. Is there any other way around this issue? I could of course just connect the tripod to the grip, but I'd rather avoid this if possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I'm coming to this topic a bit late, I know. Best price I can see for Ektachrome in the UK is £47, which at current exchange rates equates to just over $62. Not that I think we're being ripped off over here...
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