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Candle light in daylight and tungsten lit scenes

Jonathan O'Neill

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Hi I recently shot a film which we used a lot of candle light. I lit some studio scenes with tungsten so basically any 'daylight' in the scene was 3200k and the candle light was about 1800k (camera at 3200k). but we also shot some interior location scenes using natural daylight at 5600k with the candle light still 1800k (camera at 5600k).

What do you do about a constant like candle light, across a 5600k & 3200k scene?  Cheers!

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You'd expect candlelight (if used at all) to look different in a day interior so it doesn't necessarily have to match a night scene, unless you simply don't like how orange it goes at 5600K (but again, it shouldn't be a dominant source in daytime unless it is a twilight scene.)

But if I had candles burning in day scenes and half were on stage and half on location, I'd figure out how to match them -- probably today I'd use daylight-balanced sources on stage outside the windows, unless it was easy to put 85 gel on the location windows because they were small or there weren't too many of them (or if I had to ND gel them anyway so could use 85ND gel.)

But it also depends on the shot, how much the eye goes to the color of the candles, how directly does it intercut with another candle scene, is it always the same room, etc. If the two daytime candle scenes are 20 minutes apart, maybe no one would notice a change, especially the two scenes were in different rooms.

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