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Tabu (2012) Dir: Miguel Gomes, DoP: Rui Poças

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Hello Everyone,

I tried to find some information on Miguel Gomes's film Tabu (2012) but I couldn't find anything on the forums here.

In my research I've found that the film is shot half in 35mm (modern day sections) and half in 16mm (silent colonial-Africa sections). I suspect it was shot on Double-X but the lack of pronounced grain even in the 16mm sections of the films makes me wonder if it were something else, like Tri-X or even Plus-X if it was around when the film was made.

I would really love to know more about the specs (cameras, stocks, whether it was DI or photochemically-timed) and the lighting techniques used.

I'd appreciate it very much if anyone has any info to share about this magnificent film. Such mastery from Rui Poças!

Much thanks,

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