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  1. it's a shame people in here are not paying attention to this thread and more importantly to the intention of SONY with this new technology on TVs.....I'm astounded by what this cognitive intelligence thing could be doing.....and let's face it....its all going to home entertainment more than cinema's
  2. ......the example of the shot with the shallow depth of field and the engineer asking the presenter where the eyes go to just 'took the biscuit' as they say in the UK.....
  3. So I wonder how many of you watched (what I think is the equivalent of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' of online presentations) Sony's new Bravia XR televisions with all new "cognitive intelligence"...basically adjusting the focal points of their TV screens based on where our eyes are looking!!!!!! WTF...alarm bells for you guys producing films and TV shows?????? I quote "If a TV were to understand how our focus works (human eye) it could show what our eyes want to see more vividly and crisply" more quotes: The way we perceive the world is based on information coming from our eyes and
  4. ......so I keep hearing about streaming platforms and digital and all that but all I can see is more and more and more great films being shot on film for Netflix and so on......so the future is bright notwithstanding the anti film brigade Directed by Sam Levinson and starring John David Washington and Zendaya Coleman Anyway.....critical acclaim already on the screeners pre it's Feb 4 worldwide release on NETFLIX
  5. ......can't get beyond the fact I'm finding MANK boring as f**k hahahah....I've tried watching it 4 times now and fallen asleep every time.....I'm stuck at home with Covid......so perhaps I have lost my sense of taste and thats why I don't like it? hahahahaha
  6. I'm probably one of a handful of people here that remember 'Space 1999' at all......let alone ranked it as one of my faves series on TV with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain!!! used to watch it on my small B/W TV in my room in the mid to late 70s...also loved Battlestar Gallactica and Dr Who.....but the first was Star Trek original series...also in BW....I was shocked to see it in colour on US Netflix hahahaha wtf
  7. such a shame people are not paying attention to this marvellous, elegant, exquisite film
  8. hahah we know its there but all these people seem to think 'smooth' and 'no grain' is what people want! Uli you are really going to enjoy this film! Definitely an Oscar winner in some department....that's my prediction
  9. From the Kodak article linked above: "Realizing he would need an affordable sync-sound camera configuration, which was also mobile enough to manoeuvre in the smaller spaces of the couple’s RV-cum-sound studio home, Bouquet went with the Aaton Penelope 35mm camera, plus Sigma lenses. “I’m a big fan of the Aaton Penelope because it is very quiet in 2-perf mode, as well as being compact and very lightweight,” says the DP. “Even though they aren’t very costly, the Sigma lenses have been produced with many years of lens knowledge in the back pocket. I did a little test in Amsterdam and chose t
  10. I can't recommend this film enough...its all about the story.....in my top 5 films of 2020 no doubt......the acting is superb....the story is superb and touching....the leading man puts in an engaging, believable, unforgettable performance (for me) .....shot naturalistic style.....uncomplicated lighting (or so it seems!)....hand held at times, eye level......final result beautiful tones and texture...cinematography by Daniel Bouquet.....written and directed by Darius Marder......shot on Aaton Penelope with Sigma lenses......interesting! the first time I see these lenses on a big film.....35mm
  11. Shot on 65 mm (Eastman 50T 5251) and wow edge to edge lens quality and outstanding texture and colour depth....alongside West Side Story the restorations of these films wow.....
  12. Article https://www.indiewire.com/2020/12/robert-eggers-wraps-production-the-northman-details-1234604038/
  13. That's excellent Jarin, much appreciated you take time to come in here and talk to us all.....looking forward to whatever you can share.....
  14. well that's the thing about true stories....people flying around in capes are one thing and reflecting on things that actually happened takes you into another head space....
  15. Hey Jarin, we look forward to when you can give us details, anecdotes, stories of it all.....and how you found working with the Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2 (so IMDB says) and 35mm film of course as we know......what light metre you were using.....what EI you rated the stocks ta......everything
  16. well there's a big problem we face with airport scanners......new models will fog film apparently even on carry on luggage whereas before hand luggage was fine.....research into it...... CT Scanning X-Ray Technology and Film As many of you know, the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently been installing Computed Tomography (CT) scanners for carry-on luggage in US airports. In the coming months these scanners will be operational at 145 airports in the US. CT scanning technology has been used for checked luggage for many years, and Kodak Alaris and
  17. The first one.....Mangrove.....wow.....excellent directing and acting.....Steve Mcqueen is a master......truly stands out from other similar films......
  18. Bravo hermano....emotivo y memorable.....chapeau.....my favourite part is when the sound of the plate hits the table and it pauses everything......I think the shot of the wall with the barbed wire was really significant too......the division theme....barriers etc.....bravo conio!
  19. Thanks for coming in on this Robert.....it's all location based......esp when we face the airport scanner changes
  20. Just received an email from the fantastic Sonji Clarke and the team at Cinelab London that makes for great reading......they have come up with what they call the SHORT FORM GUIDE RATES.....see attached......now I can shoot my 16mm Vision3 and have it processed and scanned at 2K on their Scanity as a 10bit log scan for £0.56 per foot (was £0.75 before)....and my beloved Eastman Double-X for £0.69 per foot as a 10bit log scan 2K on the Scanity (was £0.88 before) - that's a price drop and very welcome news. Bravo to Cinelab London for reducing prices and making shooting on film more affordab
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