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  1. showing the perfs etc (cant remember what the term is) on the super 8mm is a bit of a YouTuber signalling ''look Im shooting film'' moment but hey, the great unwashed need to be taught about film hahaha so i don''t mind.....the video look is fun.......I''m fully up to the latest episode now and looking forward to episode 10...... The Nike moment we all remember from THAT episode......Michael Jordan signed with NIKE back in 1984 for 250,000 dollars and his own line of shoes....Converse had failed to agree with his demands apparently......his net worth is 2.2 billion dollars v Magic Johnson (he signed with Converse) net worth 600 million dollars hahah "Both companies were trying to sign the league’s hottest rookie. Nike, which was still trying to establish itself, didn’t have the cash Magic was looking for and offered him an option in Nike stock to sign with them. Still young and thinking dollars more than sense, Magic took $100,000 in cash from Converse."
  2. The one stop for every ten years comes from the photography world probably E.g. If your film stock is 500 asa set your light metre for 250 asa and work as normal……can’t think of a simpler explanation that’s this……whether it be ambient light readings or spot metres off a grey card……i shoot expired film all the time in my photography…..have stock from 2012 I use with no issues. Tell the lab to develop normal. No N+1 or anything like that personally I don’t give expired film an extra stop as I found it was giving normal results with my normal film rating….which in the photography world is not normally box speed
  3. Superb comments thanks for coming in……I’m so enjoying this series…..charismatic is the one word I would use to summarise it
  4. Loved this series since episode 1 and before I realised who it was shot by!!! Chapeau David Mullen…… I totally recommend his film THE LOVE WITCH
  5. What a superb series!!!!! I’m European and the NBA is not a part of my culture though obviously there is huge interest in it now over on this continent it was all football football football of course…..or soccer as you call it over there……anyway, as I was born in 1966 I recall and have many memories of the 70s and early 80s when all this takes place in the series…..the clothes and the stuff we had around in our homes……but I digress……. casting is superb, the clothes are superb, the filming style is superb…..the actors engage the audience and address us all the time……..it’s bold, energetic……ballsy…..chapeau for creating this……look at the tech spec…they continually go from 35mm to 16mm to super 8 to video camera Betacam 8……and even animation…….Wtf……love it! totally recommended!
  6. Saw it when it came out….great film….a rewatch for me time and again…..great cast and great drama of a true story…..the 16mm looked great…..great grain and superbly shot……one of the best WWII films out there for sure!!!!
  7. Will check it out Dom, thanks for the recommend
  8. yes the Petzval lenses I asked about them...they have a following in my world, the analogue photography side of the fence
  9. when I first saw this film, visually what I most enjoyed were the vast armies and there flapping flags in the wind....I wonder of they chose the perfect days or they were lucky.....the six of the flapping is superb too.....
  10. Just come across this even if old news...will be watching this evening..... ".....it does have one of the best Director's Cuts ever made because of how it re-crafts the movie not for spectacle or fun additions but entire subplots and character developments that make it a richer story and worthy of being a historical epic.......now is the time to sit back and enjoy all 3 hours and 14 minutes of Scott's true vision.......a movie that remains visually stunning and impeccably crafted but at its longer runtime becomes more substantive and thoughtful about man's propensity for violence and the difficulty of finding peace."
  11. very interesting, great to hear and thanks for posting...long live film! haha
  12. when you're processing and scanning James Bond films I'm sure they are qualified to make the right decision of what machine to get haha
  13. Any comments on this? https://www.cinelab.co.uk/post/cinelab-film-digital-adds-oxscan-large-format-12k-scanner-to-bring-65mm-finishing-to-uk?utm_campaign=dc8da9d7-13c0-43c9-be90-7cc93d3a5230&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=1001cfd5-a572-4090-8a3a-01a7328a7f29 Cinelab Film & Digital have been at forefront of film processing and scanning technologies since we were founded in 2013. We have further enhanced our offering with the installation of a brand-new large format, high-resolution OXScan 12K film scanner. The OXScan has been designed for 65mm original camera negative film and has the capability to handle 65mm 5-perf & 15-perf IMAX, 70mm print and 35mm film. This will be the first scanner in the UK to offer such high-resolution, high-quality scanning across formats for remastering. OXScan is a 12K, pin-registered scanner, 16bit RGB scanner – the first commercially available scanner at this level. Created by DFT, an industry leader in high-end film scanning technology. The new OXScan enhances Cinelab’s existing wide range of scanning solutions, sitting alongside their Arriscan HDR, Scanity HDR and Spirit 4K scanners, guaranteeing Cinelab can offer the best service and best picture options for all budgets. We moved forward with the installation of the OXScan in recognition of a resurgence in shooting large format film within the features industry. The OXScan will also bolster our archive, restoration, and remastering services. Complementing our work to scan, save and restore films for future generations. Adrian Bull, Cinelab CEO, said: “Since establishing our 65mm processing capability with Kodak back in 2016 we have worked on several inevitably high-profile features but there has been a lack of high-end finishing scanning available in the UK and Europe. This solution from DFT provides the highest quality pin-registered 65mm 5-perf and IMAX scans from this very special format. Additionally, we are looking forward to developing the market in 8K finishing and remastering of 35mm film.” “Prasad is excited to introduce the OXScan 12K Film Scanner to the UK marketplace and thrilled to have Cinelab as our partner,” says Simon Clark, Vice-President at Prasad. “Together, we will be able to offer our unique capability, to offer 8K finishing and remastering across the 35mm/65mm formats.”
  14. Cold War (2018) Technical Specifications Showing all 9 technical specifications Runtime 1 hr 29 min (89 min) Sound Mix Dolby Digital Color Black and White Aspect Ratio 1.37 : 1 Camera Arri Alexa XT, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses Laboratory DI Factory [pl] (digital intermediate) Negative Format Codex Cinematographic Process ARRIRAW (2.8K) (source format) Digital Intermediate (4K) (master format) Printed Film Format 35 mm (Kodak Vision 2383) D-Cinema DCP
  15. absolute masterpiece!!! watched it last night.....can't recommend this film enough...and it's not even shot on film hahahaha Best Director at Cannes in 2018 - 18 minutes standing ovation after screening...I myself clapped after it ended!!!!!
  16. I am known as a film evangelist in here haha.......I champion the use of film to anyone that will listen because I never want to not be able to shoot my beloved Kodak film etc and I would say if 'Hollywood' turns their back on film then we are f•cked and curtains down for people like me......hence why I am frustrated with Deakins and the DP/director superstars like him that have turned their backs on film albeit still admiring them and their work etc OK that being said.....I always mainly post on this section films that are shot on film, as I said, to champion the use of film by people who make a difference in here....proper DPs etc..... So, in answer....honestly, I was enchanted by the performances of the characters and their chemistry.....also, being born in 1966 and remembering the 70s and things like waterbeds and pinball machines the film obviously strikes chords in me......also important is how the film, by using film, makes it all so believeable.....it doesn''t look like the actors are playing dress-up in period clothes......a criticism I have for the film Wonder Wheel shot by Storaro for example.....so I think becasue the medium used was so convincing in taking me back to the 70s it was certainly a huge factor in my absorption of the film and my utter enjoyment!
  17. lo and behold it wins Best Original Screenplay at the BAFTAs
  18. To say I enjoyed this film is a mild statement…..maybe it’s because I am European and I see things differently and thus can enjoy the Americana This is like PTA going to Tarantino and saying you did Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and you were trying to recreate an era but this is my version and it’s better…… the acting is superb…..one of those rare films where we have people we have not seen before or at least much of and putting them together to generate great artistic chemistry……the main character reminded me of Paul Dano in the Beach Boys film and the lead female character the fantastic Eden Sher from The Middle also in terms of cinematography a very rare modern piece which actually looks like it was filmed back in the day. Of course, predictably to anything coming from me it’s shot on film haha…sorry Add to it all performances from Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn and Leo Di Carprio’s father amongst others plus the whole of the Haim family……this film to me is a gem……I so enjoyed the running sequences hahaha….made me smile no end…… recommended!!!!!!!
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