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Third party viewfinder for Alexa Classic?

Mike Krumlauf

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Been awhile since i've posted on here.. nice to be back 🙂


My question is , I purchased an Arri Alexa Classic body that does not come with the traditional EVF1. I was looking to see if any of you could recommend to me a third party viewfinder that would be a good substitute for the EVF1? I did see an EVF1 on ebay but i dont have almost 2500 bucks to drop on a VF at the moment. i'm assuming no third party will use the camera's lemo VF port so Im guessing all options for me would be HD SDI?

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The viewfinder Blackmagic made for the Ursa Mini is pretty reasonable, and it just takes 12V XLR power and SDI.

It may be worth checking that whatever you get will accept all the signal formats you will want to use on the Alexa. Some are pickier than others.


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