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Well, it looks like a colourized black and white image...


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Here are two pictures taken from The Queen's Gambit. To me, the upper image is fine, the lower one not so much. The skin of the actress looks like if it were a colourized black and white image. What could make that ? And, more important, how to avoid it ?



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Could it be that the on set lighting was too low contrast and had to be pushed too much in post? It doesn't really look too offensive to me, but might be a case of overly saturated shadows, where there would naturally be much less saturation at that level.

Then again, there are techniques (photochemical, admittedly) that specifically aim for the kind of look you're describing, i.e. bleach bypass.

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Just seems to me to be scenes that were art directed in warm earth tones similar to skin tone, so when they kept the saturation slightly low for a period look, it kept the skin saturation low, plus she is rather pale so there isn't much saturation to begin with. Caucasion skin tone is in that beige range so when the setting is also art directed that way, it all becomes limited to that brownish zone, which I'm sure was intentional.

It's always hard to color-correct scenes like that because the skin is in the same color range as so many other things. And while you could window or key the face separately and track it through the shot, if the actress' skin is naturally pastel and pale, you don't want to give her an artificial sun tan in some attempt to make her more flush.

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