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Sony Venice Camera Packages

Lori Carson

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Sony Venice Camera package $61,990
Full Frame
High Speed
DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
Vmount battery plate & bottom cover
VF Attachment
Top Handle
AXS-R7 Raw Recorder w/docking module
WC D-Box Gold mount
WC A-Box
Top plate
Top handle
WC solid baseplate
AXS-AR1 AXS & SXS thunderbold card reader
4x S48 512gb AXS card
XLR power supply

Sony Venice Camera package $77,500

Full Frame
High Speed
Sony DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder
Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder
Arri Pro Set for Sony Venice
    •    ARRI Plate for Sony VENICE (K2.0017137)
    •    ARRI CCH-4 Camera Center Handle (K2.0017270)
    •    ARRI QRP-1 Quick Release Plate (K2.0000399)
    •    (2) 15mm Support Rods - 13.4"/340mm (K2.66252.0)
    •    ARRI Top Plate for Sony VENICE (K2.0017024)
    •    ARRI BPA-5 Bridge Plate Adapter (K2.0017138)
    •    ARRI RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket (K2.0006186)
Arri BP-9 15mm Studio Bridge Plate
Arri Dove Tail
Wooden Camera  D-Box for Sony Venice, Gold Mount
Teradek Bolt 500 Transmitter for Sony Venice
Bertone Visuals Aluminum PL Cap
Sony SBAC USB 3.0 High Speed Reader for SxS Pro Media Cards
Sony AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 Reader for AXSM Media Cards
Sony Full Frame License CBKZ-3610F
Sony Anamorphic License CBKZ-3610A
Sony High Frame Rate HFR CBKZ-3610H
Sony Rialto Camera Extension System CBK-3610XS with cable extension
Ratwork Engineering / Bertone Visuals Cage for Rialto Camera Extension System
Bertone Visuals Custom Cheese Plate for Rialto
Wooden Camera NATO Handle
Wooden Camera Nato Rail Short
Wooden Camera Nato Rail Medium
AXSM 512GB S48 (Media Card for RAW)
AXSM 512GB S24 (Media Card for RAW)
Inner Space Cases Case for Sony Venice light with wheels & handle



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