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Edelweiss - Miniseries

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Hi al!!

Between November & December 2020 and March 2021 I had the pleasure of shooting my first mini series as a cinematographer, a docudrama (if that is a word) for the Spanish national broadcaster called Edelweiss. 

It is 4 episodes x 35 minutes each, we shot the documentary bits for 4 weeks around Spain in November and December 2020 with a team of 6 people and the drama bits in March 2021 for 1 week with a small size unit (kind of short-film size).  
The budget was €350K and what attracted me to the project was the story since it is about the biggest child sexual trafficking case in Spain, which happened a few decades ago.

It was an interesting production to work on, with a lot of challenges and a lot of things to think about after wrapping it up, good things and bad things as well. 

The most important thing is that I learnt a lot about how to be efficient blocking and lighting wise and a lot more about management (and I mean A LOT MORE!!)

Here is the trailer (which doesn't show much..) and the full mini series with English subtitles if you want to watch it. 

Edelweiss - Mini series


Critics and comments are welcome!!! ? 

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21 hours ago, Stephen Perera said:

hermano Miguel....donde puedo ver esto? sale en Tele5, Antena 3 o algo así????

Buenas Stephen! 

The link is in the above post but I'll put it here too ? 


Hopefully you will like it.. and if you don't, let me know too ha! ? 


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