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Attila Somos

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- ARRI SR3 w/ factory S16 PL mount & S16 gate

- 3 mags - Arri colour IVS video tap

- Long eyepiece & eyepiece leveller

- 2 x original Arri batteries w/ battery adaptor and Arri charger

- Assistant side run button & power out adaptor

- 16x9 TV groundglass

- Arri pistol grip w/ run button

- 19mm Arri bridgeplate, baseplate and bars In 2 metal flight cases (1 for camera and accessories and 1 for magazines and accessories)


243469196_2027953467353779_5599933818074513044_n (1).jpg

243469241_199013112302951_3173758125353647441_n (1).jpg

243494135_1865790683622844_5374448176312215661_n (1).jpg

243505201_426836898859883_8773069703106757217_n (1).jpg

243663424_293508289282362_4271551683627626367_n (1).jpg

243724419_307388447858315_2653217278141213291_n (1).jpg

243864790_3205939526295758_5407695174096417203_n (1).jpg

243985641_353115989930863_1373788966088189765_n (1).jpg

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