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  1. Hi everyone, quick question. I need to find a new power solution for my Sr2 pretty quick. In London. Would this battery belt work? https://cvp.com/product/hawk-woods_vl-b1 Says 12v? Any help would be great or if you know of anywhere in the UK that sells a valid power solution. Cheer Ed
  2. This may be an obvious question. But does using orange or red filters with 16mm Kodak Double X have the same affect as with 35 or 120 photography film stock? Can't really see any examples from Google. Thanks
  3. Great news. Just been trying to find a good adaptor online and there are limited results. Would anyone be able to recommend a specific make? Thanks for all the help!
  4. Does it effect the focus of the lenses?
  5. Hello everyone, Just wondering if it's possible to put Leica M lenses on a Bolex in either bayonet or c mount? Has anyone done this? Thanks
  6. Edward Hiscox


    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone has come up with a camera cage/rig solution for any of the Bolex H16 cameras? Cheers
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