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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far. Sorry should have been more specific. If i shoot 35mm 4 perf on an Arricam LT with a super35 gate. Will the scan come back with the same aspect ratio and Matte as the examples I referenced above? Once again thank you for taking the time to explain!
  2. Thank you! All sorted with the kit room, the camera had recently been steady tested, so I decided to risk it.
  3. Hello, I am looking to achieve this look, but am getting confused by the S35 and Standard 35 choices when scanning. If I shoot 4 perf 35mm with Spherical lenses am I able to achieve this look? Then when sending to the lab do I ask for a s35 scan or standard 35 scan? Thank you!!
  4. Hello, I am shooting my first low budget project on 35mm with an Arricam LT. The Kit room has asked me if I want to steady test the camera, with the price of the test + purchasing the stock and processing fees. I was wondering if it is necessary to perform a steady test? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello, The eyepiece on my SR2 used to open and close when I applied pressure, preventing unwanted light passing through when not filming. It has stopped doing that and is just constantly open. Anyone have any advice on how to fix it? I have tried to wiggle it ect Cheers, Ed
  6. Hi everyone, quick question. I need to find a new power solution for my Sr2 pretty quick. In London. Would this battery belt work? https://cvp.com/product/hawk-woods_vl-b1 Says 12v? Any help would be great or if you know of anywhere in the UK that sells a valid power solution. Cheer Ed
  7. This may be an obvious question. But does using orange or red filters with 16mm Kodak Double X have the same affect as with 35 or 120 photography film stock? Can't really see any examples from Google. Thanks
  8. Great news. Just been trying to find a good adaptor online and there are limited results. Would anyone be able to recommend a specific make? Thanks for all the help!
  9. Does it effect the focus of the lenses?
  10. Hello everyone, Just wondering if it's possible to put Leica M lenses on a Bolex in either bayonet or c mount? Has anyone done this? Thanks
  11. Edward Hiscox


    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone has come up with a camera cage/rig solution for any of the Bolex H16 cameras? Cheers
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