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Agfa color print fade test example

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Agfa color print sun test. 1/2 in dark storage 1/2 in sun for 6 months.

I am finishing up Edition II of Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media. I always have a hard time with sun tests because I'm in the NE USA and I can only sun test for about 6 months and that is pushing it. It is not like CA with loads of sun. Sometimes the sun does not come out for a few days and it is gloomy. In the winter the sun may not come out for a week! I've got almost everything tested except for a 1 year Eastman Kodak Dye Transfer sun test. It has 6 months of sun and will need another 6 months in 2022. 

Kodak improved greatly over the years with the color stability of the dyes it used for Dye Transfers. The 1950's were the worst. By 1980's - 1990's they were pretty good. They were not as good as pigment inkjet prints, but there was still a huge difference between the 1950's. And the yellow dye permanence was greatly improved compared to the 1950s and 1970s. 


1955 Eastman Kodak Dye Transfer 6 month sun test.



1955 Eastman Kodak Dye Transfer Print

Selection from Dye Transfer Printing from the 1950's by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Bob Pace taught me about sun testing in the early 1970's.

Internet Archive Search: Bob Pace 'The Dye Transfer Process' Parts teoli


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One interesting thing I learned is that there is a difference between dye stability in light storage versus dark storage. Kodachrome has excellent dye stability in dark storage but can fade faster if continually exposed to light than some E6 slide films. Of course, who would shine a Kodachrome slide continually with light?

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