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35mm Cine-Xenon, 35mm f3.5 FL PL, 25mm and 12mm Mk1 Zeiss S16 Super Speed, 135mm f2.0 FD, Rollei QBM Lens Set, EVA1, Miller Compass 20, Tru Horizon FS

M Joel W

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I’m downsizing and selling some gear I have realized I likely won’t have the chance to use.

I’m trying to make back what I paid, not make any more money.

Reasonable offers will be considered.

Schneider Cine-Xenon 35mm f2.0 in Arri Standard mount (pending sale):

In very good condition. Recently serviced. The tab to slide between hard stops and smooth aperture ring is missing. Otherwise works great. Lovely vintage look with good center sharpness. But with swirly bokeh and curvature of field. I also have the 28mm and 40mm focal lengths and find this redundant.

$375 plus shipping.




35mm Canon f3.5 FL Converted to PL Mount:

I bought this from a forum member. Beautiful tiny lens in great shape with a nice conversion. Mounts on Alexa despite wide mount. The FL lenses have golden coatings similar to Kowa Cine-Prominars. Very compact. Nice lens.



$350 plus shipping.

25mm t1.3 Mk1 Zeiss Super Speed for S16 w/ PL Mount Conversion:

In very good shape. Semi-permanent PL mount conversion. (I can’t figure out how to remove it by hand but a lens tech should be able to.) Mechanics are good, optics are good. 80mm front.




$1400 plus shipping.

12mm t1.3 Mk1 Zeiss Super Speed for S16 in AB Mount:

I bought this from a forum member. In good shape optically and mechanically. I have two and don’t need this one. This is by far the nicer copy of the two I own. Easy to adapt to PL mount. 80mm front.






$1200 plus shipping.

135mm f2.0 FD in “user” condition:

Sold this on eBay and had it returned. Mechanically it is good. But there are scratches on the paint and some deep scratches on the front element. However I did not find they had an effect on the image. YMMV. I thought there was no haze but I might see a hint of mild haze under the front element when it is hit at a certain angle, but I see something similar in virtually every FD lens I’ve used. If there’s internal dust it doesn’t show up in the bokeh. I found the optical performance good and very pretty. YMMV.




$350 plus shipping.

25mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f2.8, 135mm f4 Rollei Zeiss Lenses QBM Mount

Real German Zeiss with great mix of performance and character. Similar to Contax and standard speeds optically (I’ve owned all three and compared them side-by-side), but with matching single coatings similar to Mk1 standard speeds and more of a consistent look imo than Contax. I love this set of lenses but own too many. Converts to EF mount nicely (I can include adapters). Nice condition. Focus is a bit stiff with all of these. Not too bad but not as smooth as my old Nikons or FD lenses.



$900 plus shipping. (I’ll throw in some EF mount adapters.)

I also have (but have yet to photograph):

Glidecam Tru Horizon $180 plus shipping excellent used condition

Miller Compass 20 $700 plus shipping (recently serviced)

Panasonic EVA1 kit $2700 plus shipping excellent used condition with two batteries missing monitor hood. Can add two V90 cards for another $100


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