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Star Trek – Jazz Piano Arrangement

Nudist Elegan

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last year I arranged Jerry Goldsmith's iconic main theme for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as a little jazz piano fantasy. Alexander Courage's opening fanfare for the original series from 1966 as well as some other well-known motifs (like the one for the Klingons) appear along the way. Hope you'll enjoy! :)


Best regards,


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True enough, but he kind of upcycled it for the TNG spin-off series with a lot more energy and panache. Especially the theme's B-part got a lot broader, more energetic treatment in the brass and string section. Apart from that I rather watch a whole season of TNG than one single screening of TMP... :P  

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Since I was asked for sheet music via PM: Hal Leonard has licensed my arrangement and is now offering it on Sheetmusic Direct.


Sorry, I had no control over the price. Would have preferred to post it similar to Bandcamp with "name your price". Anyway, maybe one or the other wants to try it ?

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