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John Adolfi

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Finding out information about Kinetta is very difficult. The best source is the cinematography.net kinetta list. my advice if you go there is to just wait for infromation, don't jump in with a "when will it be ready" because that just annoys people and unlike here, they're very strict over there. Watch for a month first.


Based on what I've read on the list and my personal guessing. I suspect the first versionw will be selling mid 2006 for $60,000 for a working package.


Total speculation.


This is like a 16mm version and there will be a 35mm version which may end up in the several hundren thousand range - or at least high enough that it has been suggested only rental houses will be buying them.


There was SUPPOSED to be something ready in November.... and last August... and.... etc.


But, they're on the cutting edge and waiting for technology (sensors) to catch up to them.

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