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Grammar of film language - Arjion Daniel - Free Book on WikiReads

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Hello everyone.

Recently got messaged the link to Arjion Daniels "Grammar of film language" through a Ukrainian friend of time. 
Although the original is written in russian, the translation provided through google is more than good enough
to understand all topics. 


Excerpt from the abstract: 

"This essay on "The Grammar of Film Language" by Daniel Arijon is a teaching aid for directors, cameramen, editors and all those who seek to improve their professional level in cinema.

The reviewed book tells quite documentary about the creation of the film. Directors around the world use the editing and shooting techniques described in Daniel Arijon's book, but mastering the techniques alone is not enough to create a work of art. And therefore, this manual can only be a help in the hard work of the filmmakers. This book will significantly reduce the learning time and avoid the difficult search for information about cinema. Here you will not find theoretical research, our book is a practical experience collected by the best directors over a long period of their numerous screen tests.

You can talk about the emergence of the language of cinema at the moment when the filmmakers came to understand the idea of creating different pictures, small pieces in order to give them a whole new holistic meaning. They realized that by combining, combining two completely different symbols, one can get a new embodiment of an idea, a fact, a feeling, as in other communication systems. ..."

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