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2,5kw HMI not starting *with video*

Pieter Vanbrabant

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Dear Cinematography Forum,


I recently took the risk to buy an old 2,5kw HMI with flicker free ballast from a bankruptcy auction.

When I start the HMI via the Ballast it does respond but never seems te find the power to fully light the HMI.

I'm running the ballast from an 20 amp fuse on a 220v electric circuit.

Here is a video to support my explanation.

Anyone who has a clue what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance,


Kind regards,


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Are you sure you have a 2.5kw bulb in there? Might be a dumb one; but never know.
Is there a on and off button that's tripping on the head itself? The ballast itself isn't tripping off isnt it. You can restrike from the head itself with these older models sometimes. And if it doesnt trip on the ballast, you can force the strike on, on the head directly. Finicky but whatever works sometimes.

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This may be the big bear moving farther out on a tiny limb, but try holding the switch depressed for a longer period of time and see what happens.  Check that the switch actually does its job then try the above other solutions if it doesn't.  

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