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WTB: Kern Switar-Preset 26mm f/1.1 RX (Multicoated, black)

Marek Vesely

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Hi fellow cinematographers,

I'm looking for the (somewhat hard to find) 26mm Kern Switar Preset lens in the final black version with multicoated glass. I need the optics to be in a good shape but body doesn't matter that much. I desperately need to complete my lens set.


I'm looking for anyone that has this lens but I'd prefer to buy from someone in Europe/EU (that would be perfect!) or the UK. But I'm open to discussing importing it from US as well. 

Please message me here on the forums so we can eventually discuss the sale in more detail.

Thank you very much for any leads on this! 


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  • Marek Vesely changed the title to WTB: Kern Switar-Preset 26mm f/1.1 RX (Multicoated, black)

Try DuAll Camera. They bought the Chambless stock when Jesse Chambless passed. He had an incredible selection of new old stock Switars. I bought a 10mm preset that was still wrapped in plastic from the manufacturer a few years ago. I know he had tons of stuff that wasn’t on the site.

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