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I recently purchased a Kern Switar 10mm f1.4 lens, which appears to be in good condition, for use on my Bolex EBM with a c mount adapter.

However, when mounting this lens I encountered a strange problem where it would only focus at extremely close distances and leaves the rest out of focus.

Seems like this lens is not in such great shape after all but wondering if anyone knows a fix?

Thanks for any help!

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Assuming you mean 10mm f/1.6 not f/1.4..  

If it only focusses at macro distances, then the lens is sitting too far away from the film plane, so first thing is to check if it is properly screwed all the way in to the adapter and the adapter is properly seating in the camera mount (and of course the right way around, extending in towards the camera and not away from it). 

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