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Seeking general assistant, east of London, 16 May

Phil Rhodes

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I'm looking for someone to work as a general camera and lighting assistant on a very small demo shoot for one day on May 16, in a town just east of London. Reasonable rates paid depending on experience. Nothing objectionable in the tone or content of the piece; it's an adaptation of Shakespeare.

Complete beginners very welcome; this is not a big deal shoot, but I need an extra pair of hands to help out and thought it'd be worth at least mentioning it here - it's worked in the past!

Get in touch via the forum for more details.


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Hi Phil,

I'm Anna and am really interested in camera & lighting assisting. 

I'm a complete beginner, however, I've been working in a kitroom for the last month - but in a marketing role (though I spend a lot of time in the kitroom itself, not just stuck on a computer). I'd really like to get some hands-on experience on set as it's becoming ever-more clear to me that I want to continue working in the screen industries (previous life has been theatre and live performance-based). As i have access to a lot of kit I can definitely get familiar with what you'll be using before the 16th.  Also, I have an MA from RADA so very familiar with Shakespeare, and I'm East London based so travel etc is all do-able.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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