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Colour Systems

Pavan Deep

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I have been looking at old colour systems. Has anyone here ever used this old system from ABTO technology,  apparently you could shoot on regular black and white film using their special filter mounted behind the lens in a 16mm camera then project it on a projector telecine chain with their filter mounted in front of the film but behind the projector lens and the colour camera on the telecine chain would pick-up the image and produce colour video image. 


abto 5 copy.jpg

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This may not be on point, but, I can remember as a child in 1956-57, watching TV at a church member's home that had a screen on it that converted B&W to  ?color?  and, it was lousy. I mean really lousy. They quickly bought a color TV very soon there after. This was at a time when few programs originated in color.

There was a reason why Technicolor used three strips of B&W film to create color.  While magnificently successful, it was expensive.

Others here are much more technically inclined than I am, but I believe that physics dictates that it is a non-performer that died fairly quickly.  

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brings to mind two technologies. the first is "Kodacolor" movie film, which used a lenticulalr film base and a special filter on Both the camera and projector.  the filter would send the three prinaries to vertical areas on the film, and the lenticular stripes would send the same areas on the developed film through  a matching filter on the projector.  Not a long marketed product.

the second is so called "single tube" vidicon consumer cameras, which had a filter on the front of the tube which resulted in teh colour information being able to be recovered from the video signal.  the cameras would convert the result into "Normal" NTSC, PAL or Secam, and record it on VHS tape.

that said, this is the first I have heard of this process.


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