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  1. Great stuff, it really shows what we can achieve with 16mm, from an anthropological point the subject is very interesting too. Pav
  2. This sounds interesting, I am eager to see the details, I am not so sure about the price tag, it seems over engineered. Do we need all the features? I would be much happier with something like their ‘Gentoo’, but in Super 16. Pav
  3. I thought I’d start a new thread about whether there's a need for a new 16mm camera, bearing in mind that there’s a huge difference between want and need. Would a new smaller and simpler 16mm camera be popular, I suppose it has to be affordable which might be impossible, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate with tons of features, a single speed of 24fps, natively Super 16, small and light for easy loading of 100ft daylight spool. Pav
  4. Yes I have on the a-cam, but the viewfinder is not the issue, I'm pretty okay without a reflex, but it's the complicated loading path in such a small space that's a pain, you manually have to thread the film through the sprockets and gate and then carefully pass it across to the take up which is on the other side pushing the film under a set of rollers, the take up side has its own door, loading film takes too much time and you waste a lot of film. Personally I just think loading 100ft should be easier. http://www.analoguefilmacademy.co.uk/acam.htm Pav
  5. I have used both; the EMP and the a-cam, both very good but have their little quirks, neither has a reflex viewfinder. The a-cam does produce steadier Super 16 images though, but it's a real hassle to load, a great looking camera but quite impractical. Pav
  6. Why should everything have to be commercially motivated, I know we are all trained to think practically and to stay within norms and conventions, but passion is what we all need. I know there are a lot of people wanting to get a small Super 16 camera. Perhaps a small simple Super 16 camera that is affordable is needed. Many want to get a Bolex, but most of them aren't Super 16 and they are expensive, so many end up with the K3 and whilst a few love them most just get disappointed with them and walk away from film. Pav
  7. I agree this Minima prototype will certainly sell, I've never heard of it or seen any pictures of it before this. Have you got any more information or photos of it? Pav
  8. Pavan Deep


    I was wondering about the quality of 35mm, it’s generally accepted that perf 35mm motion picture film is great quality. In still photography 4 perf is the same as half frame and people always say that half frame 35mm is awful quality. Why is the case? Is 35mm still film different. Pav
  9. There's been a lot of talk in Facebook groups that there weren't enough orders for the Super 8 camera, I emailed Logmar this morning and they confirmed that the 'Gentoo' camera has been cancelled. They said they are working on a new Super 16 camera a hybrid between Gentoo and Rockhopper, a sound sync camera, and that they expect to launch it later this year. Other than this I have no more information, whether it will be a basic camera or one packed with features, or what kind of price will it be. Pav
  10. It looks like after the cancellation of the GentooLogmar are working on simpler Super 16 camera, a hybrid between Gentoo and Rockhopper. Pav
  11. I think the price is what will put many off, it seems to be common for many to use Super 8 only a few times and for that a decent used Super 8 camera like the Canon 1014XLS [which is usually expensive but not that expensive] is perfect . Now if this was a 16mm camera people might be more willing. Pav
  12. I agree, I think while digital has gone mainstream I do think film especially 16mm shot well makes your project more special.
  13. Thank you both, I discovered that working with a non reflex isn't that hard, you do rely on 'gut' instinct and you keep in mind the slight parallax error, so what you see in the viewfinder won't always match what you're filming and you do have to adjust and guess for that. You know everything will be in focus when we measure and when there's plenty of light and when using wider lenses and a 25mm lens things are easier. I do have a dogleg lens; the Angeniuex 17-68mm, but on this occasion I didn’t use it, it's a great lens but I think the 25mm Switar is sharper and much smaller making everything neat and compact, my only regret is I didn’t use a tripod. Pav
  14. I've been out filming with a non reflex camera, the Cine Kodak K100, the gate was machined for a wider Super 16 image, measuring and guessing distances for focusing was nerve racking, but it worked. It's truly an amazing camera which is seriously "underrated", there were no light leaks the images are incredibly steady and the camera runs very quietly. https://vimeo.com/708706363 Pav
  15. Pavan Deep

    Colour Systems

    I have been looking at old colour systems. Has anyone here ever used this old system from ABTO technology, apparently you could shoot on regular black and white film using their special filter mounted behind the lens in a 16mm camera then project it on a projector telecine chain with their filter mounted in front of the film but behind the projector lens and the colour camera on the telecine chain would pick-up the image and produce colour video image. Pav
  16. The 240 is a great camera, I have the one that takes c mount lenses not the EE,The camera is a simplified version of the 70's Here is some recent footage ; https://vimeo.com/user563804 http://www.analoguefilmacademy.co.uk/About.htm Pav
  17. I am with you regarding the ACL, it's my favourite in so many ways. Pav
  18. I know, it's pretty unbeatable, it's the best out there, and is the most sought after Super 16 camera, whenever 16mm is used for a film or television series they tend to be shot on the 416. Pav
  19. I have said this in a Facebook group. This new camera sounds very exciting and I really want to see it, but at the same time I think it will be very expensive, and as such won’t be used by film teaching institutions who are extremely important as they teach tomorrows filmmakers, but on the bright side this might bring down prices of existing S16 cameras like the Arri 416 as most institutions work with older more affordable and durable equipment. I hope this camera appeals to professionals in film and broadcasting, but this is a big ask as many of them will want something better than the Arri 416. Looking at the website I don’t think this camera will appeal to younger filmmakers, students, colleges and universities, many of who are used to smaller and cheaper digital gear, but I hope I'm wrong. I know from my own experience of teaching; youngsters want a smaller camera, something that’s easier to use and ideally want to use smaller and cheaper lenses. I think here a simpler version of the ACL will be popular, a camera that is small and can accept different sized magazines and that can take c mount or Micro 4/3 lenses Pav
  20. It is one of my favourite cameras too. If you can sense the tension in the spring as you wind and the spring meter is moving as you wind then the problem is most likely the shutter getting stuck. Look for signs if the camera has been opened before, the front plate slides out once the screws are removed, there is usually a sealant too that you have to cut. As we take the front plate off the shutter can 'accidentally' bend very easily, I have found that a bent shutter is the main reason if the camera winds but wont run, the shutter can be easily straightened out. Pav
  21. While there are some who love their K-3's and have no issues, their are just too too many horror stories, jumpy film, light leaks, film scratching and flickering. I don't think there is anyone here in the UK who'd repair them for a decent price, it's probably cheaper to buy another camera, but you could try www.cinefix.co.uk . Pav
  22. I know this camera is popular among collectors, but I would like to hear from anyone who has actually used this camera to film with so they can share their experiences and what kind of images it produce. Pav
  23. Pavan Deep


    I will take some photos and start a new thread, it's just been hectic keeping track of things. Recently I have been working on multiple projects; the 100ft magazine for the ACL, reflexing a K100 to and have been building a 16mm scanner too. Pav
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