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Jibaro episode - Love, Death and Robots. Some camera work beyond capabilities of Live Action filming?

Uli Meyer

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Alberto Mielgo has created "Jibaro", an episode in the 3rd anthology series 'Love,Death and Robots' on Netflix. It is absolutely breattaking. The CG imagery is utterly believable because it is an interpretation of realism rather than trying to completly mimic it and thus avoids the uncanny valley. The sound design is amazing but even better is the camera work. There are some shots here where I've been asking myself if they could be done in Live Action, especially the fast push-ins towards a figure. Could one do this without undercranking? If you've got Netflix, watch it. For me, Alberto's episode stands out from all the others. I knew Alberto when he was a fledgling animator. He made this film by working with remote talent from around the planet, which is incredible. Alberto won an Oscar this year for 'The Windshield Wiper' but 'Jibaro' tops that. Below is a short clip I found on Youtube:

Edit: I should add that Alberto not only directed but also designed the film and the characters and wrote the story.


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almost anything can be done in live action... for the right price 🙂

fast dolly in/out is very possible with a technocrane, bolt or another highspeed robot arm, cable cam, etc

there is a shot in 'the marvelous mrs. maisel' where they rapidly track the camera away from a stage, all the way across the room... i think it was season 2. you can ask david mullen about it.

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