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  1. this and the mumbly, super quiet, under-the-breath dialogue delivery... or is it the sound mixing doing that? either way, i'd love to actually hear most of the dialogue, without high end headphones
  2. as others have said, and to answer the question directly, yes it dangerous to the digital sensor to have a laser pointed at it however, there are situations where i needed to measure from somewhere on set to the camera, usually to get a natural mark quickly. just dont aim near the lens... bring the laser carefully from the floor up to the tripod head, or operator's body 🙂, or someone's hand in line with the film plane. this is usually not a critical mark, so your measuring point doesn't need to be as close to the camera body as possible. just in line with the plane.
  3. i worked with DPs who had the prism and broken glass set that they have purchased and collected over the years it's probably trial & error until you find what you think works for you
  4. i think the first image didnt attach properly this forum interface is very painful to use on mobile
  5. here is us yesterday using a more light-weight system (proaim airwave), which is cheaper but not really built to handle the fully built ronin 2 weight it worked fine because the shot was on a relatively flat path, with a very slow move the video is not during the shot, we were turning around on the exo car, but i wanted to show how a lighter weight arm/head respond
  6. i have not used griptech's iso v8, but i have worked extensively with flowcine blackarm and customeasy 25kgs iso head (to carry ronin 2/alexa mini) i generally find that the bigger arms are better, so griptech iso v8 seems like a good fit. it is a constant trade off between the cost/arm size/vibration dampening results. i'd say we were quite happy with our blackarm/customeasy head combination. two
  7. it is episode/scene, slate, take here's a high slate number from years ago, when i was a 2nd AC on a british show which did some shooting in toronto
  8. you need to research similar service providers in your area in north carolina, the first few searches to come up: 2-ton trailer for $270/day (https://www.shadowsandlightinc.com/2-ton-grip.html) or 1-ton grip truck for $275 and up (http://ashevillecameragriplightingrental.com/grip/) in london, uk: £350/day and up (https://gripvan.com/packages) in toronto, $475/day and up (https://ontariocamera.com/lighting/sprinter-vans) compare your package, quote a few projects, and see what your market tells you
  9. almost anything can be done in live action... for the right price 🙂 fast dolly in/out is very possible with a technocrane, bolt or another highspeed robot arm, cable cam, etc there is a shot in 'the marvelous mrs. maisel' where they rapidly track the camera away from a stage, all the way across the room... i think it was season 2. you can ask david mullen about it.
  10. Transvideo Titan HD Transmitter/Receiver Kit, V-mount 2 kits available for sale. Both are in great condition. Asking $750 USD for each kit, or $1250 USD for both. Photos available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-N4gq3ywSiXxjG29uN1TtbZXMyuBM3hX?usp=sharing Items will ship from Toronto, Canada. Each case is 18lbs weight, 20"x16"x10" size.
  11. not my office, but back in the day when i was a youths, this is what i wanted to do - operate for live sports
  12. digging through the webs led me to this document: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/Metadata/Apollo-Saturn_4-6_tables.htm under "Apollo-Soyuz Test ProjectStafford-Slayton-Brand (July 15-24, 1975)", in the Television section, this equipment was used: ASTP Television System (Camera, Lens, Monitor). Operated in Apollo and Soyuz. Zoom 6-1 and 3-1. Range 25-150 mm, 9-27 mm. F-stop 4.4-44, 3.5-35. Focus 20"-inf,. 1'-inf. (modified Westinghouse) searching further based on that leads to: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ASTP_TV_Camera.JPG which appears to have your lens!
  13. it is a 6x6 mattebox with a "full metal jacket" - eyebrow with a flap extended, plus left/right siders. useful with a zoom lens, which they appear to be using you can see a filter reflecting the light as well (shiny part in the bottom right of the 'black square')
  14. is this the right manual? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AH4PjgS-86noBte8LG8dF9wj_ddz2yAq
  15. another trick i have seen a DP use - he would shine a laser pointer through the room, and that would give him an idea of the thickness of smoke obviously he developed his own system and trained his eye to it
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