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  1. MYT Works Camera Slider 3 foot, Large (width of 11"), Mitchell Mount $2500 USD The slider is in excellent condition. Moves smoothly and without issues. Photos can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V0HOKqTZNuWESA0C1ch3yzAefEHHhQe7?usp=sharing The slider comes with: - Dust caps (https://www.mytworks.com/product/dust-caps/) - Rosette leg adapter kit (https://www.mytworks.com/product/rosette-leg-adapter-kit/) Located in Toronto. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  2. $500 USD Wooden Camera Shoulder Rig v2 (Mid, Wooden Grips) Photos can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1c-GzgfDAdkpBXKY8cZYVQ143QSJOp85e?usp=sharing Comes with Wooden Camera Dovetail Clamp Used condition. The wooden handles have scratches from use. The shoulder pad is perfectly usable, but the foam started to break in one corner. Located in Toronto, Canada. Buyer to pay shipping.
  3. $1000 USD Blackmagic SmartScope Duo 4K monitors for sale. Excellent condition (5/5). No scratches, dings, etc. Photos can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gLI_qbE_XL_ZAMET9MvwHXNojRBoZS6F?usp=drive_link Comes with: - director's cage/yoke - side handles - IDX V-lock battery adapter - power supply - Pelican 1700 case included Located in Toronto, Canada. Buyer to pay shipping.
  4. Canon C300 Mk I, PL-mount, with Tilta accessories. Asking $1,500 USD Photos can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1alNcHOayt7NvtrQJeVj-y0ccGEXOV_WH?usp=sharing The camera still works great! It was infrequently used for very small projects. Internal battery replaced in 2017. This may have reset the operating Hours Meter. It currently reads 412 Hours, but it is likely closer to 800 Hours over the camera's lifespan. For the PL-mount: it seems to have lost an internal pin which stops the mount from rotating more than 1/4 turn in the open position. That is, it can keep rotating if you let it. Other than being a minor nuisance this does not affect the PL mount - it holds the lenses securely in the closed position. The package comes with: - original Canon accessories, some of which have never been used (see photos) - Tilta CANON C300/C500 Camera Rig: Top Handle wit Hotshoe, C300 Top/Side Cage, LSW Base Plate with cheeseplate, x2 15mm rods - x2 Canon batteries (BP-955, BP-975) with battery charger - x2 32Gb cards (SanDisk Extreme, 120 Mb/s, UDMA 7) with USB card reader - Canon AC power supply The package is located in Toronto, Canada. Buyer to pay shipping.
  5. Hi Marco, there is a sale in process. I will let you know if they are sold or not soon. Thank you!
  6. i feel like for most cinema viewers, the brain compensates for any possible centre of perspective changes much the same way that it adjusts the "white balance" of the eyes sure at some extreme angles and distances a shot may look weird on a giant screen. but the movie theatre by design cannot have an ideal viewing perspective for everyone
  7. if the adapter is RF-to-PL, it won't help much. because you need the most solid connection at the camera body. if you simply attach a PL adapter into the camera's RF mount, the RF will still bear all the weight and torque of the lens. i think it comes down to what you shoot, and how you shoot. RF is perfectly fine for a lot of things. PL is more solid/precise solution to get results where the margin of error has to be significantly smaller.
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