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Issue with Arri IVS HD On Arricam ST

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Hi everybody, 

I’m having few issues with the Arri IVS HD on the Arricam ST. 
When we switch on the camera we always see this glitch. 

Any idea about to fix it ? 
p.s. we have already send it back to the rental house but we still have it. 


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Not really the sort of problem that can be diagnosed over the internet, the rental house needs to sort it out.

But obvious things to check are the cables and monitor, so if you can swap those over it will isolate the problem. If it still happens then the issue is the IVS itself and an experienced electrical tech needs to look at it. 

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hi roni, you are not the first to give me this tip.

Yesterday during the second day of the set since the IVS returned from the rental house, we found that that problem occurs in the first hours of work of the IVS, once it goes to temperature it no longer gives this problem.

Consider that we 're are shooting at night so it is quite cool (21°/15°)

It seems that noise in the upper right box appears when the exposure is too low.

We have disabled all the automatic controls, so we are working in Manual with the gain.

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