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Anyone need a Crystal Sync motor for Kinor 16CX cameras?

Aapo Lettinen

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I have one spare Kinor 16 motor which I don't need and I am building crystal sync electronics for my other motor in Autumn 2022 to use it for personal projects so I think I could easily modify the spare motor at the same time and sell it for someone who would need it.

Is there anyone here still actively shooting with Kinor 16 cameras and who would like to purchase a custom made crystal sync motor for it?

The price of the motor + the modification work is around 650usd + shipping.

It is a 12-speed crystal sync modification with variable non-crystal speed knob for speed ramps. Does not have a display or other advanced features (adding a display would raise the price a lot so I think it would be more practical to not include any displays to keep the motor relatively affordable). I am removing the old electronics housing from the top of the motor and installing a black aluminium box in the place of it which houses the new electronics.  The speed selector of the new motor can be either on the top of the motor or on the back or the right side of it.

Please let me know before August 2022 if you are interested in this Kinor motor. I will need to know well beforehand modificating my own motor if anyone wants to buy this spare one so that I can modify them at the same time.

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Anyone interested in ordering a crystal sync Kinor motor?

I changed the specs a little to make it as streamlined as possible with super simple user interface and still affordable and good specs.

The design is as follows:

- original Kinor 16 motor modified with completely new control electronics to run in true crystal sync on all speeds. Includes the motor and the modification work because I have a spare motor I want to sell

- the original electronics housing removed from the motor and replaced with a roughly similar sized black aluminium housing

- 9 internal crystal speed presets and the possibility to input external speed input

- no internal variable speed. But variable speed can be made using a affordable external controller sold by me (about 100usd for variable speed only, about 300usd for multi-speed external crystal speed generator)

- Speeds selectable via a very simple thumbwheel selector. Speeds can be changed when the motor is running.

- price: 550usd + shipping including the motor and the modification work

- delivery time: from 3 to 4 weeks after purchase so that I have time for the assembly, surface finish and testing

Internal speed presets, all crystal:

- 6fps

- 12fps

- 12.5fps

- 23.976fps

- 24.00 fps

- 25.00 fps

- 30.00fps

- 48.00fps

- 50.00fps

Let me know if wanting to order this motor. I have all the boards and parts needed and can start building as soon as the order is complete.

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I scheduled the Kinor motor crystal modification work to between December 2023 and February 2024. If anyone would need a motor to be crystal modified, please contact me in November2023 so that I can arrange the parts and machining in time.

The current plan is to make a 45-speed or 50-speed crystal motor with a selector enabling choosing crystal speed in 1fps steps. So very good speed options, possibly a variable speed knob too, but likely no counters or other extra features. Price for the modification work is something around 600usd + shipping depending on how many can be modified in the batch.

This is likely going to be the only batch I make of these Kinor crystal sync modifications so if wanting this kind of system, please make sure to let me know before December if interested in one. I will want to make all of them at the same time to make it worthwile in the first place and after that will continue to other projects

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