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Camera for High Speed/Low Light

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I have some documentaries in development that will mainly be shot at 120fps (often on a Steadicam) and need a new camera for this.

As well as high speed, I need something that will work well in available light, often with little of it (not that I need night vision or something unnatural…I generally only shoot around golden hour to twilight, and often in fairly dark interiors), and provides a clean look.

I previously used a RED DSMC (and would like to use RED footage from my archive in new projects, ideally), so have been thinking of getting a Gemini. I am conflicted about maybe going with Arri though (primarily as they are much cheaper used). I definitely want a cinematic look, so am not that interested in models outside of cinema cameras, though am open to suggestions if I have misjudged these.


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What's your finishing resolution and what's your budget?  The Alexa mini can be pushed quite far if you're happy with a 2k finish.  Might also be worth looking at the Venice since it has a 2nd higher gain option that could help exposing for 120fps.

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What's your final deliverable?

Does it have to be 12-bit? RAW? What resolution?

A good option without breaking the bank is the FX9. 

A 'cheap Alexa is a heavy Alexa. I know many operators that even though they're sled, horizon stabiliser all that kit will take the weight of an XT generally prefer a mini or mini LF. 

Re colour matching. I've done a show matching a Gemini, Helium, EPIC Dragon, Venice, Mini LF and FX6. Most contemporary cameras have enough latitude to match with ease. I'll note - the nuance of the Venice and Mini LF in terms of highlight roll-off etc do show when cutting side by side with the FX6 in coverage but then if that nuance is even visible in the final deliverable depends on the final deliverable. 

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