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  1. This comes up on this blog a decent amount and while it’s not untrue it’s also a bit myopic, the reason those cameras are able to have such advanced AF systems is because the camera is using a dedicated AF lens with motors inside, cinematographers have for years been using mostly pl or pv mount cinema lenses that can not integrate such tech because frankly they would be huge. It’s possible with external motors but it would have to exist within the ecosystem of something like a preston with a light ranger or like smallhd’s rangefinder af integration which is nowhere near as accurate because it can’t detect faces or contrast and would still need to be operated by a first AC making dedicated focus decisions. I agree that the best firsts can and do rely on a bit of both (although only very relatively recently) but it’s important not to minimize how different these systems’ implementations are in the real world.
  2. What arris are you looking at that are significantly cheaper than a Red Gemini?
  3. For the same reason that there aren’t a bunch of 416s floating around, these were the most advanced s16 primes Arri ever made and the price tag and quantity produced matches that, most are in rental houses like the one you linked.
  4. You’ve basically answered your own question but the fact that you need basically a truck to house enough lights necessary for a versatile enough shooting setup means that it’s a far more likely and practical investment for a gaffer rather than a dp and most larger name and commercial DPs I work with own a ton of glass and bring basically no lights or if they do own lights they’re co-owned with a gaffer they often work with and are thusly going out on more jobs than just that particular DPs. Not practical advice for everyone but I really feel you should just rent them, lighting is so important you really don’t want to be constrained to just what you’ve got in the garage.
  5. All valid, though I’ve yet to see a worse offender than Army of the Dead. The predilection of less than stellar DPs not only insisting on shooting on ultra fast glass but also insisting on shooting them wide open just for the sake of doing it I think plays into this as well.
  6. Yup. My 1.5 came with the same grip, honestly really like it, more ergonomic than it looks.
  7. I could personally forgo one of these for an inching speed
  8. It’s not about center sharpness, it’s about crop factor, s16 is ~3x so a speed booster would open up wide range of new wide angle lenses to be used with an extra stop of light. Just because you don’t see the market doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  9. Just wanted to chime in to say that you’ll make no friends by asking operators to tape their shoes for you everytime you have a handheld push in- As Gregory said, keep it simple and feel it out.
  10. Have you tried IMVDB? It’s only for music videos so generally has the most crewing info- other than that start checking YouTube/vimeo annotations.
  11. You don’t have a contract, eBay has a contract. You are selling on their platform, that’s why you are subject to their rules, if you have a bunch of gear sitting around you’d like to move and don’t want to deal with this make your own website and find a way to make transactions with private parties (really not that difficult these days) kind of strange how much effort is going into this thread.
  12. To your last point- NATO rail was used on weapons as a standardized rail system long before it was repurposed for mounting camera accessories and camera mounting isn’t grip. So no.
  13. I also just saw the left eye vf extension on ebay and it totally looks like the original non erect Angie vf inside of an extended housing- I wonder if there’s a light loss to account for? Also I know the kinoptik is very popular for more orientable angles but has anyone tried the cinema products orientable finder? I have one in basically mint condition but as I have the original Angie finder on my body I can’t use it as it utilizes a different mount, if anyone has that mount I’d be happy to purchase it.
  14. Rain rig + LED volume seems like a bad time
  15. Aster does some unique things with sound, as I recall both of these films had their own writeup on asoundeffect, just Google the titles plus sound design, they might go into this.
  16. Travis Shannon


    It’s interesting that you mention eBay as a gauge since this site doesn’t seem to be one in your mind. The number of completed listings is far more reflective of complete ACLs than broken parts cameras you allude to buying and then repairing (even though you’ve personally said you apparently like the ACL although the vf [one of the most important aspects of a 16mm camera] is “unusable” so it seems an odd practice to partake in) Sourcing parts is also a nightmare as you yourself said so- how you were able to supply over 24 cameras with them is a bit baffling to myself as well. You are correct in that I don’t have to believe you, I choose not to. Apparently business is booming so I hope it keeps up for you, can’t imagine it has much to do with customer service though.
  17. Travis Shannon


    Tyler, as an ACL owner myself I know a couple things about the camera- 1)There aren’t that many of them, they were primarily used for news gathering but some went into feature production- most of the bodies that went into news gathering died there either from lack of service or were given to/purchased by camera operators in the UK that didn’t take the best of care of them and then became barn finds and 2)There aren’t that many places that are referred to for ACL service- number one in the US was S16 run by Bernie O’Doherty, Andrew at AZSpectrum also has been a regular technician in addition to duall who used to provide S16 service and finally VP. With four solid houses that were/are quite often backlogged with ACL work I find it very difficult to believe you were also providing that service especially again, as I have been an ACL owner for some years now and have never heard your name mentioned once as someone to go to for that service (nor amcamera which I know you are affiliated with) Which brings me to my point- I find (among your other fairly dubious claims which are usually used to straw man sometimes legitimate arguments but usually not) your claim of working on multiple dozens of ACLs pretty flimsy, one look at the eclair message board will show the dearth of these bodies even available as unusable parts cameras so you saying you’ve worked on literally over 24 of them when there were at least 4 houses known to be pros and your name is not even in the mix seems like exactly the kind of overstatement I’ve personally come to expect here. I’m not sure what my point is here except that frankly I don’t really believe you, and the picture you are painting doesn’t really hold up. Gregg, I also miss the downvote button, the participation trophies are not useful.
  18. Hi Aapo, I’ve heard rumblings about this project on the board but that’s exciting to hear the specifics, like Gregg said definitely keep us posted. And also like Gregg said, I myself would love mirror parking haha. Will you be making them for all different sized ACL bases? Is it crystal?
  19. Oh wow, that’s certainly one solution to recentering the matte box for s16. As long as the trays are side loading it doesn’t look half bad honestly.
  20. In my mind the biggest stumbling block is the single 3/8s point for mounting in the bottom, I’ve had a similar thought - it would be great to have all of this integrated into a baseplate but how do you keep it from rotating? I suppose you could put some kind of a lip in that uses friction to keep the whole thing from twisting? The other issue I suppose would be the battery since there’s so few original acl batteries it seems everyone is using their own homebrew solution which is fine but also how do you make a mount that can receive that many shapes and sizes of batteries? A gold/v solution would be great off the back, somebody should get on a jeager to d tap with an inline voltage regulator.
  21. Re: Jeager connectors- I bought two xlr to jaeger cables made to order from another member on this forum, Jean Louis Seguin- this was in 2020 so not sure if he still has the connectors but I’d give him a shot.
  22. Nice, fun to see another red top Handle, mine came with the same one- usually they’re blacked out.
  23. To your point of “one can’t really use a different GG in a particular camera” - When I received my ACL the GG had come unglued and was smashed, one of the first things Bernie did to the body was to put in a brand new GG and while he mentioned how lucky I was as it was one of the few remaining ones he had with s16 markings, he made no mention of it being a whole process to switch out because it was specifically for a different ACL- I suppose you’d have to go to Les or Paul now to confirm that’s true but just wanted to note my camera definitely doesn’t have an original GG and the reflex system works perfectly.
  24. Seconding this as I personally know two folks with n16 ACLs who were looking to get the same procedure done without sending it out of the states.
  25. It was a very brief conversation only on the super-ing process, as Chris says I think they’ll still work/overhaul as long as they have parts.
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