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Expected noise of an SR3?

Raymond Zrike

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Does anyone have a video or audio clip of an SR3 (non-highspeed) running? The SR3 Advanced I just got sounds a bit odd, running at 24fps without film. I’ve only ever been around SR3s while shooting MOS, so I never really paid attention to the noise. Does it sound like this camera needs a service? Is it typically the body or the mags that need servicing when the noise is too much?

Video of it running at 24fps without film: https://imgur.com/a/R8Gdkbn I’m going to test with film soon—don’t have any short ends at the moment. It sounds about the same with any of the three mags I have.

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26 minutes ago, Dom Jaeger said:

Try it with film, should be quieter.

Oh interesting. My ACL is definitely louder with film loaded than without, so I just assumed that was the case across the board. Will try with film ASAP. Thanks!

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